A Preview into Holyoke High Theater Company’s Production of “She Kills Monsters”


Sadie Swindell, Herald Staff

There is an upcoming Holyoke High School play in 2023 that students and local residents can attend! She Kills Monsters by Qui Nyguen will premiere in the auditorium next February 8-10th. All proceeds and donations from the shows will be going to the Holyoke High Theater Company.


Cian Callahan, a Sophomore at Holyoke High, will participate in this performance. He was a lead in the 2022 Spring play, Radium Girls. After taking this recent fall play off to play football, he will be hitting the stage again soon.


Callahan’s role in the show will be “Chuck.” He shared that this role is of utmost importance in his life. Callahan hopes to share his experience with the community when he is on stage and is “looking forward to seeing the show come together.”


Additionally, Callahan is most excited about performing again. When asked about the most challenging part of being on stage, Cian responded by stating, “Definitely being a puppeteer. I have never used a puppet, and since that is how this show works, I have to learn a new task. However, I have really enjoyed picking up this skill.” So far, his favorite memory during rehearsals has been how much laughter the cast shares every day.


Eila Ramoth, also a Sophomore at Holyoke High, will be a lead in the play. She was part of the stage crew for Radium Girls last year, and decided to audition for the next play this time around. Ramoth will be playing Agnes Evans. She is very excited to be in the play, but she is also extremely nervous since this will be her first time acting in a school production.


Ramoth also weighed in on what she is looking forward to about the production, stating that the most is to their longer rehearsals and the actual show. She states, “I love the week right before the show. It is so exciting how busy and tight time is. In those moments is when the show comes together. It is really a magical time when all the work everyone has put in is so worth it.”


“I am most nervous about remembering and forgetting my lines during the performance, and also nervous about the combat parts,” Ramoth added. Combat is an element on stage that Eila has never worked on, and is the most challenging so far. She said she is very eager to master this portion.


Additionally, Ramoth’s favorite memory from rehearsals is being able to have fun with the entire crew. She will always cherish these memories from her high school days.


The Herald wishes the cast and crew of She Kills Monsters the utmost luck as they prepare for the upcoming show in February.