HHS Gardening Club Coming Soon!

HHS Gardening Club Coming Soon!

Alina Fairlie, Digital Editor

Holyoke High’s gardening club is making their first appearance here at the high school. The club will be planting through the winter, and into the spring season. Plants will initially consist of vegetables, shrubs, flowers, and eventually more! Planting will take place at the courtyard after school on Mondays. 

Students hope to enhancing the biodiversity of the area, and building a community by growing together. President Samantha Brennan was asked what sparked her excitement to start a gardening club. She says, “I have always loved flowers. They are so pretty. I thought that whenever I look into the courtyard I should see beautiful flowers. Currently the courtyard does not have a lot going on. It is pretty scarce. To start planting flowers will make the school so pretty.” 

In addition to adding to biodiversity, our community culture will grow. At our first recruitment meeting, the club gained 20 members. The Gardening Club seems to be the fastest growing club in Holyoke High School’s history.  But still,  we are actively looking for new members throughout the season. Notably, if everyone considered joining the club, it would make the school a better place.

Vice President Ava Tellier says, “I have been looking for an opportunity to start this club since freshman year. I am so grateful that Mr. Zorilla has given me an outlet to have a role in this. I think it is going to be extremely beneficial to the school and the community.”

The club has already gained many members, including Junior Brenna Phillips, treasurer of the club. She says, “I am so excited to bring this new experience to Holyoke High and inspire other people to bring more beauty into the community.” 

Planting in urban areas reduces the need for the use of fossil fuels and improves the air quality. Urban gardening limits environmental strains and overall benefits the school. The courtyard is an area where many classes can look into, and it will hopefully brighten many the days of students when they see vibrant view outside their classroom windows. 

If you are interested joining, visit room 113 and see Mr. Zorilla, or talk to Presidents Ava Tellier and Samantha Brennan.