Holyoke High School set to present “West Side Story” muscial


Savannah Donnelly, Herald Staff

For the past 22 years, Holyoke High School has produced an annual spring musical showcasing many diverse themes and genres. After an amazing performance last year with Grease, Mr. Todd is excited to announce this year’s Musical. After various deliberations and suggestions, it has been determined that the spring musical will be based on a famous 1961 production, West Side Story.  

In a nutshell, this story is about a former Jets member “Tony” and “Maria,” who is the sister of the leader of the Sharks. Both fall in love, but their relationship is intercepted by the two rivalry gangs. The Musical was based on Willam Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, but features some small twists. 

Auditions will be held during the week of January 17th. They usually consist of three days of acting, singing and dancing. Sign-up sheets were posted outside Mr. Todd’s room door on January 9th. If you are interested in showing off your acting skills, Mr. Todd encourages you to sign up.  

Mr. Todd states that he decided to do West Side Story because he believes that the play will resonate with students’ experiences and interests. 

The goal for the next several weeks is to gather a strong team that is willing to contribute, promote, and recruit for the final performance. Mr. Todd is seeking students with exceptional grades and who are committed to stage tasks.  

A student who is planning on auditioning for the musical is Sophomore Cian Callahan. Callahan is also in the upcoming play She Kills Monsters, which is premiering on February 8, 9th and 10th. He says it will be quite the challenge to switch from his character in She Kills Monsters to the upcoming character he could receive in the musical.

Overall, the play will exhibit the diversity of Holyoke High. Additionally, it will demonstrate how students can come together to create a product for their school and local community.