Barbara Walters, TV News Pioneer, Passes Away at age 93


Sadie Swindell, Herald Staff

Barbara Walters, a TV news anchor and journalism pioneer, passed away on December 30, 2022. She was born on September 25, 1929 in Boston MA, but grew up in Miami Beach, Florida. Walters passed away at the age of 93 in Manhattan, New York. She was an American broadcast journalist and television personality. Most notably, she was  known for her interviewing and popularity with viewers. 

Walters broke barriers as the first woman to anchor an evening news program for ABC News, before she became co-host of 20/20. About 25 years ago, she paved the way for women in television and journalism. This hard work essentially helped start her career on The View

With that being said, all kinds of different people have paid tribute to Barbara Walters. The View has paid tribute to her by interviewing many people about the impact Walters had on their lives. Various individuals shared unique stories about her television personality. 

To understand her effect, Holyoke High School Senior Samantha Brennan was asked about the impact that Barbara Walters had on her. 

Brennan stated that her favorite thing about Walters was her charisma and “the way she charmed so many people in her life.” 

“Her electric personality was what made every household American delighted to see her when she went on-air,” Brennan said. 

When asked how Barbara Walters’ passing impacted her, Brennan stated that it has impacted her as someone who wants to become a broadcaster when she gets older. She also expressed sadness about her passing. Brennan looked up to Walters when growing up and will continue to see her as a role model as she goes off to college next year.  

Of course, Walters’ most memorable moments are how she spent more than six decades on television. Her interview style was one of the best known in broadcast journalism. She made her on-camera debut in 1955. In 1961, she landed a staff writing position on the Today Show. Even though she was on the show for more than a decade she was not made a co-host until 1974. 

Barbara Walters eventually left The View in 2014 but she still remained a part time contributor to ABC News for two years. She passed away in her sleep peacefully with her loved ones around her. Walters lived her life with no regrets and had had a major impact on the lives of many, including students at Holyoke High School.