Multiple Deadly Shootings in the State of California


Alina Fairlie, Digital Editor

The state of California has experienced 6 mass shootings in the past month, further raising topics concerning gun violence and gun control. Numerous have been left dead and injured throughout the area. 

On Lunar New Year 2023, a deadly shooting inside of a Monterey Park dance studio occurred. The gunman has been identified by authorities and an investigation is currently ongoing.

Around 10:20 PM, the gunman opened fire in the Star Ballroom Dance Center, leaving 11 dead and 19 wounded. The suspect, Hu Can Tran, was 72 years old, and was pronounced dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. After the shooting, the suspect allegedly walked to a nearby dance studio with the intention of killing more, but ran away before causing any damage. His actions were thwarted by Brandon Tsay, who successfully disarmed the gunman before he could take more lives.

Tran was a patron of the studio, and was known to be quick to anger and often very hostile to the members. He had even visited a police station that month, making allegations against his family regarding poisoning, fraud, and theft. Tran claimed that he would return to the station with documentation, but never returned. 

The dance studio is a popular spot for Asian-Americans immigrants, and has created a safe space that builds community. The manager of the studio, Ming Wei Ma, was a victim in the shooting. The studio was celebrating the Lunar New Year, at the heart of the city’s Asian-American community.

The Half-Moon Bay shooting resulted in the death of several immigrant farm workers, which was a motivated attack. Investigators allege that the killer, Chunli Zhao, was provoked by his coworkers. He is currently being charged with the death of seven workers, and the attempted murder of an eighth. 

California governor Gavin Newsom spoke at a news conference regarding recent shootings, stating that he has “grown weary of having to say the same things…[about the multiple shootings].” 

At least 3 are dead and 4 were injured from the Beverly Crest shooting. The incident occurred at around 2:35 AM outside of a rental home. The victims were found dead inside of a vehicle parked outside of the property. Two of the injured victims are declared to be in critical condition, while the other two are stable. It is still under investigation, and no arrests were immediately made. This led to police warning the surrounding neighborhoods of a killer on the loose.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been 48 shootings nationwide in just the first month of 2023.