Holyoke High set to host Acceleration Academy over February Break

Alina Fairlie, Digital Editor

Holyoke High School is once again offering its Acceleration Academy for all students. This is a week-long vacation academy that focuses on exciting ELA topics. Completion of this program will result in receiving 2.5 elective credits and up to 6 days of attendance buy back. There are only 60 spaces available, so it is recommended that students sign up quickly. 

The Acceleration Academy is being held on February 20th to 24th, 2023 from 8am-12pm. This program is also offered to Donahue and Morgan for students in grades 3-5 and will run from 8:30-2:30. Lunch is provided to all participants, and transportation is offered to the elementary students. 

High school students (including the Dean Campus) will learn to prepare for MCAS testing through English Language Arts and other enrichment opportunities. This preparation will prove quite useful for the statewide exam offered during Sophomore year.

Students at Holyoke High will have the opportunity to request an English teacher to work with during the week. Teachers that will be available include Mrs. Belden, Mx. Vincent, Ms. Ushomirsky and Mrs. Fenn (HHS guidance counselor). Each teacher has a different agenda planned for the week, including working on poetry and learning about different genres of literature.

Additionally, staff from the schools will contact students that they believe would benefit from the program. Though, flyers are posted around the school with QR codes for those who are interested. 

The Acceleration Academy will also be offered to students during April break, from April 17-21st. This section of the program is typically science-based. Once again, it will aid students who can benefit from credit recovery. 

These programs will aid students by preparing them for future studies. Additionally, they are hugely beneficial to those who are lacking in credits to graduate. Whether you are looking for a fun way to spend your vacation, sharpen writing skills, or earn back credits, the Acceleration Academy is for you!