Holyoke High School Course Selection 2023

Holyoke High School Course Selection 2023

Sadie Swindell, Herald Staff

Holyoke High School hosted its annual Course Selection event last week. It began Monday, February 6th and will continue until Thursday, February 16th. At this time all Juniors and Sophomores have selected their courses. Though, Freshmen will be beginning their course selection process this week. 

The 9th grade (Class of 2026) will be selecting courses on Thursday, February 16. And students will be able to choose classes based on their chosen 10th grade academy.

The 10th grade (Class of 2025) had two days for their course selections – Monday February 6 and Tuesday, February 7. The Engineering and Life Sciences academy went on Monday and the other two (Performing and Media Arts and Community and Global Studies) attended on Tuesday. 

The 11th grade (Class of 2024) also had two days for course selections, Thursday, February 9 and Friday February 10. The ELS academy went on Thursday and the other two (PMA and CGS) attended on Friday. 

After students attended their respective assemblies, they were sent a Course Selection Google Form. School counselors will be available to inform you about mandatory courses as well as electives. 

The Course Selection Google Form is due on February 17th. Please refer to your School Counseling Google Classroom to find the link for course selections. If you need any assistance, please contact your guidance counselor.