Fire on Pine Street in Holyoke Displaces Residents and sends one to the hospital


Sadie Swindell, Herald Staff

In Holyoke on Tuesday, March 14 at 4:48AM, a fire broke out at 160 Pine St. Shortly thereafter, the blaze spread to 164 Pine St, due to strong winds. In total, there were more than two dozen firefighters that reported to the scene.

In the first home, one person was inside at the time. The individual managed to get out safely but was hospitalized from the smoke. That is when the fire spread to the second home.  

While firefighters were fighting the fire, it unfortunately caught the roof of the second house on fire from the strong winds. In the second home, there were three people and a dog. Fortunately, they safely evacuated and no injuries were reported. Yet, the two alarm fire took the crew several hours to put out. 

There were nearby hydrants right around the block. Because of this, there was no lack of water supply for the firefighters to respond. Despite their timely efforts, the first house was still a total loss due to the damage from the fire. 

The residents of the second home are currently being cared for at the Holyoke YMCA, which is just across the street from the scene. As of right now, the Holyoke Fire Department and the State Police are investigating what caused the fire. 

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