West Side Story: An Exciting Time for Cast, Crew and students alike

West Side Story: An Exciting Time for Cast, Crew and students alike

Jacob Santos, Herald Staff

Holyoke High school students will be presenting the West Side Story musical from March 30 through April 2, 2023. Ticket sales for West Side Story are now available online. Those interested can also buy their tickets at the front door at the school. The show will be located in the Holyoke High School auditorium. 

Recently, a small group of Holyoke High students sat down with The Herald to speak about the show. Savannah Donnelly, a Sophomore at Holyoke High, has the role of a jet girl. Overall, she is excited for the upcoming show. Donnelly stated that “working with cast members is like a family,” adding that the production brings the school community together. The cast members on the show all have the same goal, which Donnelly stated is to “perform their best for the audience.”

A student from the cast of West Side Story also spoke about their perspective on the show. Aidan Fontanez Courchesne is Baby John in the musical. He stated that “working with the cast is nice and it’s fun working with [them].” 

The musical cast and crew have been hard at work for weeks preparing for the big show. Many students are unaware of the time and effort that goes into such a production. Fontanez Courchesne provided insight into some of the behind-the-scenes work of the crew. He stated that the cast for West Side Story “basically goes over scenes, and practices dances for specific scenes, as well as singing” each night during rehearsal.  

Various Holyoke High students are excited to attend the upcoming show.  Leviathan, a Sophomore at Holyoke High School, is ecstatic to be in the audience on March 31st, adding that they will “be going to the show with both friends and family.” Leviathan also stated that she is looking forward to seeing her friends perform on stage. 

Most importantly, the West Side Story musical is an event that brings family and friends together. Additionally, It brings the school community closer because students involved in the cast/crew have the opportunity to meet new people and create friendships. 

All in all, ticket sales have peaked within the last 24 hours. Holyoke High offers a huge shoutout to Mr. Todd and all participating cast and crew members. We all are looking forward to seeing students shine at the show.

Once again,  tickets may be purchased online or at the school entrance on show days. We hope to see you there!