Music in the Parks is Back!

Music in the Parks is Back!

Maura Dulude, Herald Staff

Music in the Parks is a music event for middle and all high school students. Different types of bands and choirs come to perform at Holyoke High School. After their performance, participants enjoy a day at Six Flags, where they are presented with their awards. Music in the Parks presents a very diverse show, ranging from marching bands to madrigal choirs. The audience gets to enjoy listening to different kinds of music performed by people around the same age as them. This event is a great opportunity for schools to perform, and ultimately have fun. 

As well as being a great opportunity for other schools, Music in the Parks is a fundraiser for Holyoke High, music programs and the Class of 2024. To keep the fundraiser going, we encourage more volunteers in the area, so make sure to talk to a 2024 class officer or Mr. Todd to help out anytime! 

The official website of Music In The Parks states that the “festival provides a safe, fun, and educational end-of-the-year experience for school bands, orchestras and choirs,” adding that “musical growth continues through the end of the year, motivating students to keep coming back!” This awesome opportunity represents the school through a vibrant music performance. 

Here at Holyoke High School, performances will mainly be held in the auditorium. Instrumental ensembles are given 25 minutes, with choral ensembles being given approximately 20 minutes per session. Each ensemble must first set up the stage. This will consist of putting out the right equipment, the correct amount of chairs for the performers, and making sure everything is ready to go. There is also an optional warm up which cannot exceed 3 minutes, followed by the performance. Finally, at the end of the performance, judges will score the performance.

Brenna Phillips, a Junior at Holyoke High School, has been volunteering for Music in the Parks for a few years. Phillips is known for her great help, and always being connected to what’s going on in the school. She was elected Treasurer, and plays a big role in guiding her class. Mr. Todd, who manages Music in the Parks, has supported Phillips through her high school experience. They collaborate together to fundraise and create an exciting experience for the class of 2024.

Most importantly, music is a big part of Phillip’s life. She has been practicing on different instruments such as guitar, piano, bass, banjo, and so many more. She loves to dedicate her time to playing music, but also listening and learning. One of her favorite hobbies is finding new music, and going to concerts. She certainly enjoys music from the 1960’s all the way up to the modern-day era. Fun fact, you can always find her recommending some music for her friends. 

Music in the Parks creates a fun, creative learning environment for everyone involved. Phillips finds herself assisting Mr. Todd with setting up the stage, and also being able to enjoy some music. Her favorite memory from volunteering at Music in the Parks is hearing her favorite songs being played, and feeling inspired.