National Honors Society Induction 2023


Erick Zorrilla, Supervisor

Holyoke High School Inducts 20 Students into the National Honor Society for the year of 2023. On May 24th, the National Honor Society (NHS) held its annual induction ceremony at Holyoke High School’s auditorium. The ceremony celebrated the accomplishments of 20 exceptional students who exhibit character, leadership, service, and scholarship.

All inductees applied in the spring semester and were accepted after an extensive review process. NHS members are known for their commitment to pursuing their careers while also serving their communities.

The 20 students inducted into NHS at Holyoke High School this year are Kelsy Brainard, Veronica Colon, Maura Dulude, Alexander Dumas, Alina Fairle, Erryzequial Izquierdo, Alivia Kaifer, Jaylene Moquin, Keira Morris, Morgan Murphy, Caitlin O’Brien, Brenna Phillips, Giselle Piedra, Tatiana Restrespo, Michael Rivera-Pagan, Rebecca Romero, Jayshalee Santos, Ava Tellier, Armando Zambrana, and Maria Zaya.

The ceremony began with the inductees walking down the aisle as the madrigal choir performed “In My Life” by the Beatles. Approximately 50 guests were present in the audience to celebrate and acknowledge the students’ accomplishments. The audience recited the pledge of allegiance, and the Madrigals sang the National Anthem.

Holyoke High’s NHS Advisor, Kimberly Izquerido, and Holyoke Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Stephen Mahoney, gave thoughtful remarks to the inductees. Ms. Izquierdo announced distinct members to speak on one of the core values, and they each shared personal stories and connections to the values of scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

During the induction ceremony, Ms. Izquierdo announced several members to speak on one of the core values. Kelsy was the first to speak, lighting the candle and discussing the importance of scholarship. She made a connection to her grandmother’s endeavor to become the first-ever female officer in Holyoke, MA. Tatiana followed, lighting the candle for Leadership as she presented her essay, mentioning her cousin, a local educator in the district. Veronica gave a personal anecdote on the significance of upholding character, much like her sister. And lastly, Jaylene Moquin honored her father, who greatly contributed to the city of Holyoke, and reminded the audience how his work inspires her to create opportunities for students across Holyoke. These personal stories were inspiring and showcased the values that the National Honors Society upholds.

Finally, all members were inducted and received their certificates. They stood and took a pledge to uphold the NHS values of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. One of the inductees shared that “NHS is important to her because it represents herself and her community engagement. NHS helps support and encourage students to succeed academically”, Maura said. 

The National Honor Society is an honorable organization that recognizes outstanding high school students. Holyoke High School is proud to have 20 new inductees who embody the values of NHS and are committed to making a positive impact on their community. Feel free to learn more about the National Honors Society by contacting its members and advisor. Juniors with a 3.2 average grade point average are eligible to apply.