Class of 2019 Student Elections Upcoming

It's time for the newest class of Holyoke High to elect class officers.


Nathan Butler, Bridget Healy, Meghan Breen, Eric Montagna, Lauren Ryan, Tessa Moriarty, and Liza Keane

On Wednesday October 21st, Holyoke High School will hold elections for the class of 2019 Student Government representatives. Student Government is a group made up of all students from all grades (9th-12th) to attend meetings about what’s going on in Holyoke High, create events for students to attend, and to organize fundraisers to raise money for the school.

When you choose to become a member of such an important association, you are responsible for fulfilling specific duties assigned: attending and participating in events and fundraisers and of course being a role model for fellow students at Holyoke High. To be able to run for any of the positions available, the student has to receive twenty-five student signatures on a nomination form, and has to have a good record. (No form 2’s, etc.)

On Wednesday, all ninth graders will vote for the students they want to represent them as members of Student Government. The nine freshmen and what they’re running for are listed below.

Tessa Moriarty is running for Class Martial

Lauren Ryan is running for Class Secretary. She “want[s] to be on the student government because it looks good when applying for college and [she wants] to have an impact of the Class of 2019.”

Meagan Breen is running for Student Council

Bridget Healy is running for Class Treasurer

Liza Keane is running to be Vice President

Derek Baez is running to be Class President

Eric Montagna is running for Class President and Student Council. “The reason I’m running for Class President and Student Council is because I believe I can have a positive impact at Holyoke High,” Montagna told The Herald.

Olcici Rodriguez is running for Class President

Nathan Butler is running for Class President and Student Council. When asked about his candidacy, he told The Herald that, “I am running for President and Student council because I think I can bring good ideas to the Class of 2019.”