Chris Herren Speaks At Holyoke High

Chris Herren brings his tales of the dangers of drug abuse to Holyoke High.


On May 20, Chris Herren, a former professional basketball player, came to Holyoke High to talk to the students about the dangers of drugs. Herren is an accomplished public speaker and cares for the safety and well-being of all students.

When asked what he hopes to get out of traveling around the country speaking to people, specifically young high school students, Herren said “I hope someone walks out of this gym today reflecting on whether they’re as good as they could be.” Herren also went on to say that “If one kid walks out of here asking them self: am I the big brother or big sister I should be? That’s what its all about”

Students seemed receptive to his message and gave him a hearty round of applause when he had finished. After his talk, Chris Herren tweeted “Big ups to the kids at Holyoke HS !!! You are the best .. THANK YOU !!!” …so it seems he enjoyed the event, too.