Ms. Fallon Becomes Adviser For Sophomore Class

Shelia Fallon recently became the class adviser for the class of 2019.


Shelia Fallon is one of many new teachers at Holyoke High this year. As a former HHS grad and St. Patrick’s Day Parade Grand Colleen, returning to Holyoke High is a homecoming for the 10th grade English teacher.

“I wanted to come back to Holyoke because it’s where my heart is and I wanted to be more involved in the community,” Ms. Fallon said. “Holyoke has a unique culture that you can’t find anywhere else. I love that there is an immense amount of pride in Holyoke.”

After graduating from Holyoke High in 2011, she attended Elms College in Chicopee. Before coming to teach at Holyoke High, Ms. Fallon taught at Chicopee Comp, but she decided to return to her hometown and former high school to work. She decided to come back and teach in Holyoke because, as she says, “that’s where my heart is.”

Ms. Fallon knew since she was fifteen years old that she wanted to become an English teacher. Although at one point she briefly considered being a journalism, she soon realized teaching was the right fit for her.

“I really enjoy teaching because I like laughing with the kids and building relationships,” said Ms. Fallon.

The opportunity to become the class of 2019’s adviser came to her this winter when there was talk about the current adviser stepping down from his position. She jumped at the opportunity, thinking that having been in student government when she was in high school would help her understand and connect better with the class of 2019 students.

“I felt like being on the other side of the position would help me in being an adviser because I could understand the students point of view,” said Ms. Fallon.

 On May 24th, there is a Chipotle fundraiser, anyone who shows a flyer about the fundraiser to a chipotle worker at 235 Whiting Farms road in Holyoke will be donating half of their purchase to the Holyoke high class of 2019. 

Realistically, Ms. Fallon hopes to raise $7,000 by senior year, but wants to aim for $10,000 to make the senior prom even better. Ms. Fallon isn’t sure if that is too lofty of a goal,  but she feels good about it if she can get “all hands on deck” and full cooperation of the students.

When asked if Ms. Fallon would take on another class after the class of 2019 graduates she said she would. “I’m invested in Holyoke High and plan on staying here,” said Ms. Fallon. 

With Ms. Fallon at the helm, the class of 2019 is sure to thrive!