Holyoke Pride Fundraiser To Benefit Football

For just $30, you can show your HHS pride and help the senior knights of the HHS football team.


Members of the football team and HHS teacher Jill Reardon show off the new purple H.

Hoping to raise money for new filming software, Gatorade for the games, senior jackets for the players, and throwing the end of the year banquet, the group “Friends of Holyoke High Football” are painting purple H’s on driveways all around Holyoke for thirty dollars.

“It will make it easier for coaches and as well as players to watch the films of the games to see what we need to work on,’’ said Mark Lubold.

The Friends of Holyoke High Football also want to raise money for the senior jackets they get at the end of the year. The group believes that the seniors shouldn’t have to pay the full price for the jackets after working hard all season.

The group chose this particular fundraiser because of the undeniable pride in the community for Holyoke High School.

“The purple H doesn’t just show support for the football team,” said Marty Keane ’18, “they also show pride for all of Holyoke.”

At the end of the season, the Friends of Holyoke High Football hope that they raise enough money so that they can meet all of their goals. If you’d like a purple “H” in your driveway, email Mark Lubuld at lubuld@comcast.net or send them a message on Facebook on the page “Friends of Holyoke High Football.”