Holyoke Day At The Big E

Holyoke was out in force to show it’s pride at The Big E’s “Holyoke Day” celebration on September 20.

The Holyoke High band marches at The Big E on Holyoke Day.

The Holyoke High band marches at The Big E on Holyoke Day.

The Big E is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, meaning that entertainment wise, there are bg shoes to fill.  “Holyoke Day” – one day (out of seventeen other “theme” days) entirely dedicated to celebrating Holyoke – was Tuesday, September 20. Holyoke was up to the challenge.

“So many of our city officials took the time to show Holyoke pride as we marched behind Holyoke High School’s excellent marching band. It really made me feel proud of our City,” said Ward Seven School Committee Member Nyles Courchesne when asked about the event. “It was an absolute thrill marching with Holyoke’s finest.”

Mr. Courchesne was accompanied by Holyoke police Chief James M. Neiswanger, Captain Matthew Moriarty, City Councilors such as Kevin Jourdain and Todd McGee, Committee vice Chair at large, Devin Sheehan, HPS Receiver Dr. Zrike, and many other city officials. Students were also encouraged to attend Holyoke Day.

“There were a lot of people from Holyoke High, especially underclassman,” said Alivia Gjekia ’18, who was present that Tuesday.

Thank you to all who showed their pride at the event.