Activity Wall Informs Students of Upcoming School Events

An activity wall has recently been posted on both the first and third floor in Holyoke High School by Student Government to provide students with access to upcoming dates and dealines.


The hallway leading up to the lunch room is often packed to a standstill while students head to the opening doors of the cafeteria. Recently, Student Government, led by the club’s advisor Mrs. Elizabeth Butler, has put up an information wall. This wall provides students access to upcoming dates for fundraisers, dances, meeting, etc.

“I think it is a great way to get out needed information to the students at HHS,” said Marty Keane, president of the Class of 2018. “Sometimes it’s hard to hear and understand the announcements made in the morning and afternoon, so it’s nice that we now have somewhere to look”.

The wall is not only visible in the cafeteria hallway, though. Students can see all of the school activities on another wall near the third floor entrance to the high school.

“The activity walls are a great resource for both students and faculty to stay up to date on all of the activities and fundraisers going on at Holyoke High,” said senior student council member, Jen Lefebvre.

Hopefully, with the two new activity walls, students will be better informed about the happenings of our high school, and able to participate in fundraisers and other school events!