Harry Melendez

Harry Melendez starts his new position at Holyoke High, Director of Culture and Inclusion.

Harry Melendez is Holyoke High School’s new Director of Culture and Inclusion. Mr. Melendez graduated from Holyoke High in 2006. He then went on to Suffield Academy for a post grad year. 

Mr. Melendez graduated from Trinity College in 2012 with an Educational Studies degree, focusing on Urban Education. He is currently in the process of getting his masters at Wesleyan University.

While earning his degree at Trinity College, he worked at a construction company in Holyoke, Max Salvage and Company. 

Before coming back to Holyoke High, he was Director of Alumni Relations and the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Suffield Academy.

Mr. Melendez has been working closely with Holyoke Highs Dean of students, Mrs. Gonzalez. Together, they are working to improve the success and achievements of the students here through problem solving.

Mr. Melendez’s role at HHS is to deal the with discipline of students to build an overall positive culture in our school.

As Mr. Melendez continues his journey at Holyoke High, he hopes to encourage more students at HHS to be present and on time to school. With the help of Mrs.Gonzalez, Mr. Woodward, and Mrs. Coffey they aim to make it easier for students to reach their potential and for them to be prepared for the life outside of HHS.