Holyoke’s Redesign of Secondary Education Begins

On Tuesday, December 13th, Dr. Steve Zrike will be holding an open discussion in regards to the new redesign program planned to reconstruct the Holyoke School District.


On Tuesday, December 13th, an public presentation is being put on by district receiver, Dr. Steve Zrike, to discuss the upcoming secondary redesign process. The public is encouraged to attend the event, which is from 6 to 7:30 at Dean Technical High School.

“At the core if the district’s turnaround Plan is the firm belief that all Holyoke students deserve a world class education,” Zrike wrote in a newsletter home.

He then went on to write that the plan includes ways to improve instruction and services held for students, and to give students the tools they will need later on in life.

At the December 13th presentation, we will also hear from teachers, parents, students, and other community members who have been exploring models across the state and country to support Holyoke’s re-imagined high school experience. They have had the opportunity to observe new instructional approaches, models, and pathways to create learning trajectories.  During this event, the Innovation Team members will be sharing their experiences from these visits.

Also in the newsletter, Zrike mentioned how neighborhood meetings are being held on December 6th at the Holyoke Public Library 8th at Donahue School Library, and 13th at Beaudoin Village Community Room to discuss the building of new schools in Holyoke. Again, all are welcome to attend the meetings, which are all from 6-7:30 P.M.

“It is vitally important that families participate in the discussion,” said Ward Seven School Committee member and high school parent, Nyles Courchesne. He says that the implementation of the new schools will substantially impact every student and family in the district. Nyles hopes that the results will attract students who “choice out” and provide an attractive alternative to Charter school students as well.

Courchesne thinks “this is a very exciting time for the Holyoke School District,” and that he hopes to see many faces at the meetings to come.