Spotlight On: Santa Claus

Take a peek at who the real Santa Claus is... You may be surprised.


Image Credit: Google Images

You know him by many names: St. Nick, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Santa Claus, etc. He brings joy to millions of people each year on the 25th of December, providing the world’s children with toys depending on their behavior each year. Many think they know the real Santa Claus; however, after communicating with the man himself, it is obvious that Mr. Claus is more complex than he seems.

Mr. Claus confirmed that he has a deep love for Christmas and the entire holiday season in general. His love for the holiday began as a young boy. Claus’s upbringings are not as joyful as you might think. He comes from a very poor family. They starved almost every day of the year, except for Christmas. Christmas day his parents always managed to gather a feast for the family. They would eat and celebrate and forget all their troubles for that one day. With that being said, Claus developed a deep appreciation for Christmas and knew from a young age that he wanted to devote his life to bringing Christmas joy to all who need it.

Since tales of Santa Claus date back all the way to 280 A.D., The Herald had to inquire if he is eternal. Claus let out a giant belly laugh and said, “Yes! I will continue to live on forever.” He followed by explaining that his “Christmas Spirit” is what ultimately eternalized him. “I have always had the most Christmas spirit, so much so that I’ve been given this gift of an eternal life up in the North Pole. The rest of the world population’s Christmas spirit is what has kept me going for long.”

Although Mr. Claus is the jolliest, most spirit-filled being on the planet, he admits to having his flaws, “When I first started the job I was overwhelmed.” Claus admits that at the beginning of his career he made many mistakes, and almost gave up. “I wanted to quit. My reindeer team was weak, I constantly brought the wrong gifts to children, and I wasn’t particularly nice to my staff under all that pressure.”

Claus opened up to The Herald and said, “If it weren’t for my wife, Mrs. Claus, I might not be where I am today. She reminded me why I wanted this career in the first place and inspired me to stay true to my goals.”

The most shocking statement Santa stated was that he is “fed up with Christmas music!” He confessed, “After years and years of hearing the same songs it gets old. Especially when the elves whistle them constantly!” As sacrilegious as it may seem, it is the truth. Santa is over Christmas music. According to Mr. Claus, he has lately gotten into punk rock.