Renaissance Rewards Offered to Hardworking Students

Renaissance rewards have been given out to dedicated students that will allow them certain perks during the school year.


At the end of each academic quarter, Holyoke High School awards Renaissance cards to students who achieve academic excellence, academic improvement, and perfect attendance. This year, unexcused dismissals will start counting toward Renaissance eligibility, beginning in the third quarter.

There are three different types of cards for each academic achievement/improvement. Platinum cards go to students whose grade point average is at least a 4.0 for a minimum course load of 35 credits, who have no more than two unexcused absences, who have no more than one unexcused tardy and dismissal (starting in the third quarter), and who have no withdrawals/failures and no discipline referrals. Gold cards go to students who meet the same requirements of the platinum card except their grade point average only has to be a 3.0. Purple cards go to students who also meet those same requirements except they don’t have to have obtained a certain GPA, they only need to have a .5 overall GPA improvement from quarter to quarter.

“Renaissance is a wonderful privilege for students who put their academics first,” said Mrs. Nadeau, HHS guidance counselor and organizer of Renaissance.

A white card is also issued for students who achieve perfect attendance. Students who get the white card have to have had perfect attendance (no unexcused absences) for an entire marking term with a minimum course load of 35 credits per year with no unexcused tardies, no unexcused dismissals (starting in the third quarter), and no withdrawals/failures and no discipline referrals.

“Renaissance is a great motivator for kids to keep their grades up and it’s also great that students can be recognized for having strong attendance,” said HHS guidance counselor Mrs. Bryla. “It’s nice to reward students who do the right thing so they will continue to keep it up.”

Rewards for Renaissance include exam exemptions, homework passes, and extra points on a test.

“I really like how Renaissance allows me to skip a midterm if I have at least a 93 average in the class,” said Miranda McKenna ’18. “It really helps relieve a lot of the stress that comes along with taking midterms.”

The goals of Renaissance are to improve students’ academic performances, increase attendance, raise graduation rates, and create a positive and safe learning environment for all. Renaissance is a great way to encourage students to do their best.