Snow Day Challenge Keeps Students Thinking During Wintry Weather

Holyoke Public School's first "Snow Day Challenge" was a success.


Patricia Haradon, HHS ‘20, spent her snow day fishing!

On Monday, February 13th the Holyoke Public Schools were closed due to snowy conditions. To keep students busy and thinking, Superintendent Steve Zrike decided to hold a Snow Day Challenge.

The challenge consisted of students from all age groups and faculty writing a poem, story, or song capturing how they spent their snow day and posting it on the HPS Facebook page.

The challenge was a great success, with nearly fifty students submitting something to represent their snow day. The Facebook page was filled with videos and images of work from poems to raps to drawings.

“I have been so impressed by the creative talents of our students and staff,” said Zrike. “The response has been overwhelming and should be a future tradition on snow days!”

The winners of the competition were as follows: Kenny Roche for grades 9-12, Lauren Kelly for grades 7-8, Andrea Nunez for grades 4-6, Alanna Bonilla for grades 1-3, Abigail Bechard for Pre-K through kindergarten, and Ms. Langlois for staff.

Patricia Haradon, HHS ‘20, won the most unique entry award for showing a picture of herself holding a fish that she caught.
This challenge allowed students to spend some time on their day off to think and be creative. Look out for another challenge on the next snow day!