Heart Of Holyoke Art Show Presents Student Work

Throughout April, Holyoke student work was on display at Heritage State Park for the “Heart of Holyoke” Art Show.


On April 6th, the Annual Heart of Holyoke student art exhibit began displaying art from students of the Holyoke Public Schools at Heritage State Park.

“I’m always excited to see our students work beyond the classroom,” said Holyoke High school Principal Stephen Sullivan, “Our students are very passionate and I want to make sure I support that.”

The exhibit featured art from students of all grades from each school in the district.

“The best thing about this is being able to show the public what our kids create,” said Phil Christofori, the director of visual arts in HPS and the man in charge of putting the show together, “art is alive in Holyoke.”

Many art teachers of the district made appearances at opening night to support their students, as well as the many families of students.

“There are so many talented kids in Holyoke,” said Darlene Henshaw, an art teacher at Holyoke High School, “art enriches student’s academic lives as well as their artistic lives and this show is a proud moment for both parents and students because it allows for their hard work to be appreciated.”

The show was opened all throughout the month until April 27. A great showcase of Holyoke talent!