Popular Sub Joins Staff Full Time

Mr. Ukandu joins HHS staff as a math teacher after subbing last year.


Mr. Ukandu joins the ranks of the HHS faculty. (Photo Credit: Liza Keane)

Holyoke High School has always been blessed to have the most dedicated, and most loved teachers. This year, the Holyoke High school staff has grown with the employment of math teacher Mr. Ukandu.

Mr. Ukandu is originally from Nigeria. He has twenty-eight years experience teaching in all different areas of math. He has been with Holyoke High School for six months and has taught Algebra I, Algebra II Honors, Accelerated Honors and Geometry. Mr. Ukandu  is a New England Patriots fan and a Arsenal Football Club fan. In his free time he enjoys reading a book.

“I was really excited to see Mr. Ukandu teaching here full time this year,” said Freshmen Academy math teacher Mr. Reagan. “We’re definitely lucky to have him.”

Mr. Ukandu is known for making his students feel comfortable in class while still pushing them to do their best. He always has a smile on his face and is more than willing to help when students have questions.

“[He is] a great addition to an already-building team of educators,” said Math Department Head, Dustin Rose-Joyner.

We are very lucky to have Mr. Ukandu as a teacher at Holyoke High. His vast experience teaching will benefit his students, and the teachers around him. He is a great addition to the math department, and we on The Herald would like to say, welcome to Holyoke High School.