Marty’s Picks: Week Three

Marty gives his take on how Week Three of the NFL will turn out.


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We learned two definite things last week: the Bengals are incapable of scoring and Marshawn Lynch is still the most likable player in the league. Week 2 fell flat featuring a handful of snoozer games, but Week 3 offers the perfect prescription: for the first time in 37 games, the Cleveland Browns have opened up as the favorite. In other exciting news, Trevor Siemian is statistically playing better than Aaron Rodgers. Can’t wait for week 3? Me neither and here are my picks:

Rams @ 49ers
The 49ers are yet to score a touchdown and don’t sell enough tickets to have a true home-field advantage. Jared Goff is improving, and Todd Gurley ran well last week. The 49ers are at the start of a rebuild and the Rams are a year or two away from being done with one. For those reasons, I like LA.
Rams 23, 49ers 13

Ravens vs Jaguars
This game kickoffs in London but a change in countries won’t save Blake Bortles. The only appealing numbers he put up last week were in garbage time. The Ravens defense hasn’t been challenged this year, and the Jags offense isn’t going to threaten them. Also, Jacksonville’s defense gave up last week which is concerning. Flacco (elite?) has played alright so far this year and they should benefit from some turnovers.
Ravens 20, Jaguars 13

Broncos @ Bills
The Broncos have really impressed this year, especially Trevor Siemian. Their defense held Ezekiell Elliot to 8 yards, which should terrify the Bills who rely on the run. The Broncos so far have looked like one of the best teams and the Bills only win was against the Jets. Also their offense did nothing last week.
Broncos 21, Bills 6

Saints @ Panthers
I doubt the Panther’s defense can keep up their excellent play, but back to back games with only giving up 3 points is impressive. The Saints offense is potent, but they can not keep up with how poor their defense is. Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey should tear up the Saints for a fun home win.
Panthers 33, Saints 22

Steelers @ Bears
This shouldn’t be a wild game. Bears fans are starting to call for rookie QB Mitchell Trubisky after just two games. The Bears got blown out last week and have another tough matchup with the Steelers. Pittsburgh has too many weapons to be contained and they’ll win big.
Steelers 31, Bears 10

Falcons @ Lions
I want to pick the Lions here because of how Matt Stafford just finds ways to win, but the Falcons are an all around stacked team. Their young defense is really starting to click, and their o-line should help neutralize the Lions strong pass rush. With Detroit coming off a short week, I like the Falcons offense to strive and win.
Falcons 27, Lions 21

Browns @ Colts
What a game we got here. Possibly the two worst teams in the league and as mentioned previously the Browns are favored for the first time in two years. Jacoby Brissett looked good for playing in a new system, but it remains to be seen how much the Colts can actually do on offense. The Browns have a strong o-line and Isiah Crowell is expected to get more carries. With that said, I have a feeling the Colts are a team that has experienced more success than the Browns and are more accustomed to winning. For this, I think they come together and pull out a win.
Colts 21, Browns 17

Buccaneers @ Vikings
I like this Bucs team a lot. They’ve got great receivers, strong defense, and a solid quarterback. The Vikings, though they had a very talented defense, looked terrible on offense without Sam Bradford and it seems unlikely that he plays this week. Quarterbacks win games, and Tampa definitely has the better one.
Buccaneers 20, Vikings 13

Texans @ Patriots
Here’s a stat for you: rookie quarterbacks are 0-8 at New England under coach Bilichick. That’s no coincidence. He’s gonna throw coverages and creative blitzes at Deshaun Watson that he’s never seen. Also he lacks the offensive line to take the
pressure off. Last time the Texans played at New England, Tom Brady put up 34 points even after throwing multiple picks. The Patriots own the Texans and they’ll keep rolling this week.
Patriots 30, Texans 17

Dolphins @ Jets
Last I checked the Jets did not pick up any good recievers, running backs, lineman, quarterbacks, linebackers, or defensive backs since their last game. The Dolphins bring a very good team and are playing off the fire that Jay Cutler brings. Dolphin pick up a nice divisional win.
Dolphins 31, Jets 10

Giants @ Eagles
The Giants are rapidly falling apart, and I am shocked. I really thought they’d be good this year, but the line cannot block, Manning is under performing, Odell is not at full strength, and Brandon Marshall appears to be washed up. On the other hand,
the Eagles look strong and are coming off a close road loss. They’ll be fired up and they are overall the better team.
Eagles 20, Giants 17

Seahawks @ Titans
The Seahawks are concerning this year. Russell Wilson can only do so much without sufficient help. The Titans picked apart the Jags last week and though the ‘Hawks bring a better defense, Mariota is very good and their offense is built to grind out wins versus good defenses. Titans keep winning here.
Titans 19, Seahawks 16

Bengals @ Packers
The Bengals have an offense problem, and the Packers don’t. Aaron Rodgers rarely loses at home, and even without Jordy Nelson, I know they will still score points. The Bengals will keep it close, but they are outgunned.
Packers 27, Bengals 17

Chiefs @ Chargers
My upset pick of the week and here’s why: the Chargers are better than their record shows and they’re due for a win. Chiefs really benefited from defensive lapses week 1 and squeaked out a win at home last week. Alex Smith looked more like his self last week and the Chargers have some solid defensive players. Philip Rivers finds a way to win.
Chargers 24, Chiefs 20

Raiders @ Redskins
The Raiders are a damn good football team, and I’m still not sold on the ‘Skins. This could be a sneaky upset pick, but Washington will have their hands full with Khalil Mack, and Derek Carr will pick apart this mediocre Redskins defense. I think Kirk Cousins seals it with a costly late interception in a shootout.
Raiders 35, Redskins 31

Cowboys @ Cardinals
It was a reality check for the Cowboys last week and their gonna come back fired up. Their line is supreme and they will dominate the ‘Cards. Keep in mind, the Cardinals needed overtime to down the Colts last week, and that’s worrisome. Carson Palmer is declining rapidly, and their offense is still looking for answers without David Johnson.
Cowboys 28, Cardinals 14