Marty’s Picks: Week Five

Marty Keane uses his vast knowledge to predict Week Five of the NFL season.


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After week 4 I can officially say that there aren’t many teams we can get a handle on.

The Jet’s are 2-2 and the Giants are 0-4 and if anyone tells you they saw that coming
they’ll probably say they also knew the Patriots would come back from 28-3 (except
for me, I knew that would happen). But as a fan with a fantastic foresight of football, I
find the fortitude to fight forward.

Patriots @ Buccaneers
I can’t tell you why the Patriots defense is struggling. They aren’t communicating
and don’t know their assignments which seems easily correctable but for whatever
reason, they haven’t. Now they face a short week against a team with the weapons to
exploit a struggling secondary. And with a struggling o-line on the road, it breaks my
heart to pick the Bucs here.
Buccaneers 34, Patriots 28

Note: if the Patriots win here, its because Mike Reagan hacked my picks because he is a jealous Jets fan. Go Patriots.

Bills @ Bengals
The Bills have looked strong this year. They probably would’ve lost last week if it
weren’t for some fortunate injuries but their defense has been very good. The
Bengals only offense has come against the Browns so I’m picking Cincinnati to win
this. Also, Tyrod Taylor is playing at a career-high level.
Bills 23, Bengals 14

Jets @ Browns
Somehow the Browns are favored in this game. The Jets have proved that they are
an alright football team and that defense will for sure force some turnovers to
produce a win.
Jets 17, Browns 12

Panthers @ Lions
Carolina’s offense produced against struggling unit last week and their defense has
only stifled low tier opponents. The Lions are coming off a gutsy win and Stafford
should play favorably here and that will be enough to pick up a nice home win.
Lions 30, Panthers 21

49ers @ Colts
Not the most intriguing matchup but Jacoby Brissett has played off the charts
considering his lack of experience and familiarity with the Colts offense. If he can hit
TY Hilton on a few long passes the Colts will have enough to come out on top over a
weak San Fran team.
Colts 24, 49ers 20

Titans @ Dolphins
This would be an easy pick if Marcus Mariota were playing, but with Brandon
Weeden likely to start we should see a heavy workload for Demarco Murray. Murray
has seen a decline in production this year and the Dolphins front 7 is good enough to
zero in on this which will be problematic for the Titans. For that reason, I like Miami
Dolphins 20, Titans 10

Chargers @ Giants
Logically speaking, someone has to get their first win here but with these teams, I’m
not sure. However, the Giants are at home, command a better defense, and have
their game breaker Odell Beckham Jr. Philip Rivers can’t win close games so I like
New York.
Giants 28, Chargers 21

Cardinals @ Eagles
Somehow the Cardinals have two wins. Unfortunately for them, that won’t change in
Philadelphia. The Eagles have the kind of all-around solid football team that
shouldn’t lose these types of games.
Eagles 35, Cardinals 10

Jaguars @ Steelers
When the Jags win they look so good, but when they lose they look so bad. That kind
of 50/50 football doesn’t stack up well against the Steelers at home. Big Ben plays
much better at home and the offense will win them this one.
Steelers 26, Jaguars 14

Seahawks @ Rams
The Rams have actually had success over Seattle at home in the past, and this year
the gap between these two franchises has never been closer. Though I could see
their o-line falling apart fast, the Rams have many offensive weapons and Jared Goff
is trending upwards. Also, the Seahawks don’t boast the strongest line themselves
and they’ve got some real questions as to who will run the ball.
Rams 27, Seahawks 24

Ravens @ Raiders
Even with Derek Carr hurt, the rest of the Raiders offense is good enough to pull
their weight here. I don’t know if the Ravens will be able to slow Khalil Mack, and
the constant pressure will stall any passing that they need to rely on.
Raiders 21, Ravens 14

Packers @ Cowboys
Aaron Rodgers must be happy as a fat kid in a candy store looking at the Cowboys
secondary. He proved he can win in this building in the playoffs last year, and Mike
Daniels will do enough to slow Ezekiel Elliot for Green Bay to escape with a win.
Packers 31, Cowboys 28

Chiefs @ Texans
It’s very tempting to pick the Texans here, but no team has looked more impressive
than KC as evidence by their lone undefeated record. With all the trickery they use
on offense, Clowney and Watt won’t be able to go full speed which really breaks
down their defense. So long as Watson can’t run free in the pocket, his inner rookie
will shine.
Chiefs 24, Texans 19

Vikings @ Bears
It’s a tough draw for Mitchell Trubisky to debut his NFL career against the Vikings,
but you learn more from incompletions than completions. That’s football speak for
this young gun being in some trouble. Though they’ve been decimated by injuries on
offense, favorable field position and turnovers will provide enough for the Vikings to
Vikings 29, Bears 7