Marty’s Picks: Week Six

Marty Keane predicts the outcome of this week's NFL games.


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It’s week six. The Chiefs remain unbeaten, Tom Brady is still an ageless wonder,
and the Giants now have no wide receivers. There’s been some really unfortunate
injuries, namely, JJ Watt, Odell, and the Jets’ shot at any top quarterbacks in next
years draft. But the highlight of week 5 had to Mitchell Trubisky’s first touchdown
pass (that really should’ve been an interception), that was followed by an electric
two-point conversion that had more handoffs than the Packer’s offense has had all
Here are my week-six picks:

Eagles @ Panthers
I don’t think the Panthers are as good as their record would lead you to believe.
Carson Wentz is putting together an impressive sophomore season, and I think the
Eagles being a complete team will win this game.
Eagles 20, Panthers 15

Patriots @ Jets
Its been fun, but its time for Jets fans to come back to reality. They killed their tank
and the Patriots are gonna remind them why they were just supposed to lose every
game and be hopeful for next year.
Patriots 36, Jets 21

Dolphins @ Falcons
The Falcons are coming off a much-needed rest and now face a weak Dolphins team.
The ‘Fins are shockingly not getting the production out of Jay Cutler they hoped for,
and Matt Ryan should rip apart this defense.
Falcons 31, Dolphins 12

Bears @ Ravens
The Ravens, for all their injuries, remain competitive. The Bears boast a strong run
game, but with a rookie QB, theirs going to be growing pains. If Flacco (elite?) can
avoid costly interceptions, the Ravens should win.
Ravens 23, Bears 17

Browns @ Texans
Deshaun Watson has looked beyond his years, and the Texans are rolling. Despite
losing Watt, this defense was still #1 last year without him and they’ll hold up
against the Browns at home.
Texans 30, Browns 9

Packers @ Vikings
Aaron Rodgers reminded us all why he’s an all-time great last week but faces a
tougher test this week in Minnesota. Despite that, the Vikings offense has been
decimated by injuries so it’s tough to predict how much they can really do. Rodgers
gets the points to win.
Packers 27, Vikings 16

Lions @ Saints
Good quarterback matchup here and the score will reflect that. Ultimately, Stafford
has more weapons and Brees has a weaker defense, so I’m going with Detroit here.
Lions 34, Saints 30

49ers @ Redskins
Not much to say about the 49ers except that they hopefully have better years ahead
of them. If you have Kirk Cousins in fantasy football, start him and watch the
scoreboard light up.
Redskins 38, 49ers 14

Buccaneers @ Cardinals
The Cardinals made an aggressive move this week to get Adrian Peterson, but that
won’t hold up well as he declines and enters a brand new system. The Bucs got some
extra rest from playing last Thursday and they should be fully prepared to handle
the Cards.
Buccaneers 24, Cardinals 17

Rams @ Jaguars
The Jaguars have been up and down this year, but I think their defense will smother
Jared Goff. With conservative offense, they should get a home win to cement their
position as a respectable team.
Jaguars 21, Rams 17

Steelers @ Chiefs
It’s been a less than ideal year for Big Ben and the Chiefs present no easy task. Their
trickery based offense works well and playing at home really helps. It would take a
quick turn around for the Steelers to pull this one out, and I don’t think they have it
Chiefs 28, Steelers 23

Chargers @ Raiders
The Raiders did not look good without Derek Carr, but I think they have the pieces
to win this. A strong offensive line plus good pass rush will be enough to beat the
Chargers at home.
Raiders 24, Chargers 21

Giants @ Broncos
Even if the Giants had 5 downs on offense, I don’t think they’d score. Their offense
has nothing going for them at this point and now travel cross-country to football’s
best defense. Broncos win easy.
Broncos 28, Giants 0

Colts @ Titans
Regardless if Mariota plays, I like the Titans. Colts have a weak defense and a
haphazard offense. The Titans will shine on Monday night to close out week 6.
Titans 24, Colts 16