Marty’s Picks: Week Seven

Marty gives his take on how week season of the NFL season will go.


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Week 6 did not disappoint as we saw teams get back to their roots, like Alex Smith
looking mediocre, the Falcons blowing a sizeable lead, and the Browns losing… wait
that never changed. And just when you (me) thought the Giants offense couldn’t get
any worse with no running game, a broken offensive line, an aging quarterback, and
then losing the top four receivers to injury, they went into the NFL’s best defense’s
backyard and scored 23 points getting their first win. Here are my week 7 picks:

Chiefs @ Raiders
The Chiefs suffered their first loss last week, but I don’t see them bouncing back yet.
Derek Carr should be at full strength now and they’ll be playing with a sense of
urgency after starting off 2-4. Also, Kareem Hunt and Alex Smith are starting to look
less invincible.
Raiders 27, Chiefs 19

Buccaneers @ Bills
I’m going with the home favorite because their defense is playing solid and Taylor
and McCoy provides excitement to that offense. Also, Jameis Winston is potentially
turning into the next Josh Freeman, and I know that’s blasphemy for Bucs fans, but
he’s been erratic.
Bills 28, Buccaneers 20

Panthers @ Bears
The Bears are no easy opponent, and this could be Mitchell Trubisky’s coming-out-party against a weak secondary. They always play better at home, and Da Bears are
coming off a quality win in Baltimore.
Bears 31, Panthers 24

Titans @ Browns
The Browns still don’t have a solid answer at quarterback, and the Titans are
coming off a nice win. Mariota looked good last week and their running game is
rolling right now.
Titans 33, Browns 10

Saints @ Packers
This is the game where we find out how much Aaron Rodgers meant to his team.
The Saint’s defense is starting to turn a new leaf, and Drew Brees is always going to
be putting up points. If Rodgers were playing I’d say Packers, but with him gone I
like the Saints.
Saints 31, Packers 21

Jaguars @ Colts
The Jaguars are up and down this year, so after losing I think they’ll win. the Colts
are weak and their offense will struggle. Fournette will keep running strong this
week in Indy.
Jaguars 23, Colts 13

Cardinals @ Rams
It was a blast from the past to see Larry Fitzgerald, Carson Palmer, and Adrian
Peterson flourishes last week but I don’t think it will carry over. The Rams present a
lot of weapons on offense and their defense should do enough to win.
Rams 24, Cardinals 20

Jets @ Dolphins
The Jets may or may not have been robbed of a game depending on if you ask a
Patriots fan, but they’re still the Jets, and that means they will always let you down.
Their tank season is back on, and the Dolphins will get a much-needed win.
Dolphins 23, Jets 21

Ravens @ Vikings
The Ravens have been inconsistent this year, and the Vikings usually win at home.
The Vikings’ tough defense should carry their team to another victory this week.
Vikings 26, Ravens 17

Cowboys @ 49ers
The ongoing story of Ezekiel Elliot’s will he or won’t he play is set to end after this
week, which will be enough to carry them this week. The Cowboys offense should
show out against the ‘Niners and they’ll benefit from a lack of offense also from the
Cowboys 30, 49ers 10

Bengals @ Steelers
The Steelers got back on track last week and Le’Veon Bell should dominate this
defense. The Bengals don’t have much more than AJ Green to hide behind, and
Pittsburgh should win again here.
Steelers 27, Bengals 16

Broncos @ Chargers
These teams are trending in opposite directions and I think that will continue this
week. Philip Rivers puts up enough points to outscore a struggling Denver offense.
Chargers 16, Broncos 13

Seahawks @ Giants
I’m calling last week’s performance by the Giants a fluke. I don’t see them putting up
enough points here as long as Russel Wilson and the Seahawks can take care of the
Seahawks 20, Giants 10

Falcons @ Patriots
This is by far the most anticipated game of the 2017 NFL season as we’ve got one of
the most exciting Super Bowl’s ever in a rematch. The Falcons offense is not living
up to last year but their defense has stepped up. I like the Patriots at home because
Tom Brady has been playing at MVP level this year, and Gillette Stadium will be loud
as ever for this game.
Patriots 31, Falcons 28

Redskins @ Eagles
The big divisional matchup here as the red-hot Eagles take on the red-skinned Redskins.
The Eagles have played great this year and Kirk Cousins will be under constant
pressure without a reliable run game.
Eagles 24, Redskins 17