Second Annual Demented FX Haunted House Brings Scares to Holyoke

This past October, the Demented FX Haunted House made its return to Holyoke for the second year in a row.


Fall in Holyoke: the air gets cooler, the leaves begin to change and the Demented FX Haunted house makes its return. Owned and created by Jeremie LaPointe, this past October the Demented FX Haunted House made its return to Main Street in downtown Holyoke for its second year in a row. It was moved to this location after a 2 year stint in Easthampton.

The owner, LaPointe, has had an interest in visual effects since he was young, however, he was always drawn towards physical, not computer generated effects. His expertise in this field is horrifyingly displayed in the haunted house which according to him takes just about every day of the year to set up in preparation for the short amount of time they are open. 

Demented FX owner, Jeremie LaPointe.

“It takes about 360 days to get this place prepared for Halloween,” said LaPointe. “We are one of the top ranked haunted houses in the nation and we’d like to stay there.”

With about 40 individual actors in the haunt, you can be sure to experience numerous jump scares, hand controlled props, and an array of other visual effects. The Demented FX Haunted House is a fantastic experience for those who enjoy the thrill of being frightened. In my opinion however, the haunt would not be suitable for young children, people who are claustrophobic, or people who do not respond well to flashing lights.

Make sure to come check out this horrifying haunted house experience when Demented FX makes its return next October!