What Grinds My Gears: School Edition

What grinds your gears? Feroze Sibdhanny tells all about what bothers him about high school.


As students, we can all agree on pet-peeves we share day-in and day-out at Holyoke High. From the start of class at 8:15 to the end at 2:52 (or at 2:00 on Wednesdays), there are some things we students can’t bear to handle.

1. Coming into school on a Monday morning: After a weekend of hanging out with friends and family, nothing pains us more than going back to school to listen to teachers go on, and on, and on. No offense teachers…

2. Students walking down the “up” stairs – and vice versa: As you may know in Holyoke High we have certain stairs to use when shifting from class to class to avoid hordes of students. Nothing annoys me more than when I’m walking up the “up” stairs and a whole group of students comes running down causing a whole pile up. Please stay out of my way…

3. The cursed 8:04 late bell: Does this even need explaining? Getting out of bed takes students 15 minutes alone, and then we have to get dressed, eat breakfast, and race against the clock to get to school on time. Only to find out that because we’re 10 seconds late, the doors are already locked, and we’ll have to go get a late pass…

4. Getting loads and loads of school work at once: Sheesh I’m already piled up from procrastinating work last week, now there’s more?! Students need A LOT of time to get word done, so getting essays, projects, plus homework all at once is a NO in my book. Friendly tip: NEVER PROCRASTINATE!

5. Freshman: If you’re a freshman reading this, I wouldn’t read more… It’s a proven fact that as upperclassmen, we have to hate freshmen; it’s in our blood. We were hated too when we were freshmen.  It’s nothing personal, we just don’t like you. Don’t worry, it’ll get better throughout the years.

These are just a fair few issues that we as students at Holyoke High have to deal with, no matter how terribly they grind our gears.