New England Day Trips Part II: Ogunquit, Maine


Patrick Sweeney, News Editor

This is the second in a series of articles highlighting one town in each New England state. You will find tips on how to enjoy yourself for the day without the fear of spreading the coronavirus. This article will focus on the seaside town of Ogunquit, Maine. For more information on Ogunquit, the latest COVID news, and to view various webcams, please visit the following websites: and

Ogunquit, Maine is a beautiful seaside town that features many attractions. Families looking for a break from the stress of everyday life will enjoy the scenic route to Ogunquit. Once they reach Ogunquit, there are many options for families to explore, including shopping and walking paths, and of course, the ocean. There are also various restaurants to choose from and the option of eating on the beach. Overall, Ogunquit, Maine is a wonderful day trip option for families.  

Families will have a relatively easy time getting to Ogunquit from Holyoke. They can expect to be traveling on Interstate 91, the Mass Turnpike, Interstate 495 and Interstate 95. There are options for families to explore visitor centers when traveling on Interstate 95. There is one located at the New Hampshire state line and one at the Maine state line. Families with young children will make use of the opportunity to walk around and stretch their legs after a long car ride. They can also pick up various visitor guides, maps and ask any of the helpful employees if they have questions. There are also restroom facilities at the visitor centers. There are various tolls on the way to Ogunquit.  Once in Maine, you will have to travel over the Piscataqua River Bridge in order to reach the exit which leads to Ogunquit. Located in Kittery, this bridge features beautiful views on both sides. There will be signs on the bridge notifying passengers that they have crossed the border from New Hampshire into Maine. There are many attractions on the Maine portion of the interstate, including views of the iconic Kittery Outlets. Families should be on the lookout for Exit 7 off of Interstate 95, which leads to Ogunquit. 

There are many attractions for families to enjoy once they get off the highway. Right off of Interstate 95 is Stonewall Kitchen’s flagship store. Located in the town of York, this company has stores located throughout New England. Families will enjoy the wide range of products available here, from jams to sauces to mustards. There is a small test kitchen on site that regularly prepares small plates using Stonewall Kitchen products, so be sure to check that out. There is a restaurant on-site, Stonewall Kitchen Cafe, which offers an excellent variety of soups and sandwiches. The restaurant is open but is only offering take out, so be sure to order in advance before stopping. There are also various Chambers of Commerce on the road into Ogunquit. Directly next to Stonewall Kitchen is the York Chamber of Commerce, which is located in a beautiful stone building. When getting off of Interstate 95 in York, it is approximately 10 miles to Ogunquit. The road in front of Stonewall Kitchen is a straight shot into Ogunquit. Families will have many more options to dine at as they continue on the road. If grabbing a bite to eat at Stonewall Kitchen is not up your alley, you can try Wild Willy’s Burgers. Located in York, this restaurant serves many different types of burgers, satisfying any palette. Flo’s Hot Dogs in Cape Neddick is another excellent option for families. Flo’s is located in a tiny shack but is one of the most popular restaurants in the area. Hot dog lovers will delight at the delicious hot dogs served here, which are available with as many or little toppings as you want. It is recommended that you try some of Flo’s famous relish on your hot dog. It has become so popular that Flo’s sells it on Ebay. Both of these establishments have reasonable prices, which is excellent for families with young children. There are also various shops for families to enjoy on the road into Ogunquit, such as antique stores. Another popular store is the Cape Neddick Shops, which feature a wide array of locally-made goods and seaside-inspired items for sale. The store is made up of individual vendors that rent space, so be sure to check it out. Overall, there are many attractions for everyone before reaching Ogunquit. 

Upon reaching Ogunquit, next to the iconic Ogunquit Playhouse, is the Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce. It is nestled in a quaint building. Families will delight at the opportunity to learn more about the region. The Chamber has various free brochures and magazines, as well as extremely well-informed volunteers who will help you plan your day!! There are many parking options available in town, ranging from on-street parking to various parking lots. Families should keep in mind that some of the lots charge a small fee. The parking is very limited during the summer months, so be sure to look for a spot as soon as you reach the town. Ogunquit also has a variety of trolleys that run during the summertime. For a small fee, families can hop on the trolley, which takes passengers around Ogunquit and into Perkins Cove. It also runs through the small town of Wells, which is only a few miles down the road. Trolleys can be used for a variety of reasons. Families can use them in order to reach a shopping destination or the beach without the worry of moving their car or walking. They can also use it to do some sightseeing. Once families get into town, they can explore various shopping options. There is something for everyone in town, ranging from toy stores to soap stores and antique shops. The town of Ogunquit has three streets that contain stores, Main Street, Beach Street and Shore Road. Families will enjoy meandering down the streets and finding stores that interest them. Popular stores include Abacus, which houses quirky finds such as birdhouses with book covers as roofs, funny coasters and artwork from local artists. There are also various tee-shirt shops scattered throughout town, such as Atlantic Software, which also sells baseball hats and sweatshirts. You can get an Ogunquit tee-shirt for as little as $5. Popular antique stores include Hutchin’s Antiques, which features everything from baseball cards to vintage milk glass and collectible books. Families will also enjoy the delicious chocolates at Harbor Candy Shop. Have children that are not a fan of chocolate? Harbor also sells various kinds of candy such as Swedish Fish, gummy bears and saltwater taffy that is sure to satisfy everyone. Bread and Roses Bakery sells many delectable treats, ranging from Napoleons to cream puffs. They also sell cookies and squares and some savory options, such as wraps, salads and homemade pizza to go. The pastries are so good that you might want to eat them all yourself! Bread and Roses has a small seating area on the side of the building where families can enjoy their treats. If you are a coffee fan, Bread and Roses brews a wide variety every morning. You can get it to go and enjoy it as you walk around town. Families will have an excellent time exploring all of the quaint stores in Ogunquit.

There are also various dining options in the town of Ogunquit. There are many small cafes that serve a wide variety of foods. Families will enjoy Backyard Coffeehouse and Eatery, which serves sandwiches that are named after the streets in town. Rose Cove Café is also an excellent option. They have outdoor seating in the summer and also serve a variety of soups and sandwiches. Lastly, the Village Food Market is an excellent option for lunch. A combination of a market, deli and café, the Market serves house-made salads, soups, sandwiches and much more. Young children will delight at the opportunity to browse the shelves in the market while mom and dad are ordering lunch. There are options for families to enjoy their lunch in front of the establishment and wave to walkers as they pass by. If families are still around for dinner, there are also a variety of options for them to choose from. Two pizza restaurants on Main Street, LaPizzeria and Cornerstone, whip up delicious pies and have amiable waitstaff. Families who want to stay in town to eat have many cost-effective options. 

There are many options for families to walk in Ogunquit. The most popular walking route is the Marginal Way. Accessible from both Beach Street and Shore Road, this one-mile path takes walkers along the ocean and past many waterfront hotels and homes. Families will enjoy looking at the beautiful homes and the views of the water. Be sure to bring a camera so you can take some wonderful pictures! If you are accessing the Marginal Way via Beach Street, be sure to check out Ogunquit Beach before beginning your walk. Families will have to cross a small bridge to reach the beach, which features beautiful marsh views. The beach itself is very flat and attracts many visitors year-round. There is also a large awning in front of the beach that has both benches and Adirondack chairs. Be sure to snag a seat because they fill up quickly! Once you sit down and take in the views of the ocean, you might never want to leave. If you have not eaten lunch yet, you can order takeout from LaPizzeria, which delivers right to the beach! There are also public restrooms near the beach, so be sure to make use of them before continuing your walk. The Marginal Way leads walkers to Perkins Cove. Families will enjoy various dining and ice cream establishments available, such as Oarweed Restaurant and Jackie’s Sweetside Ice Cream. Families can also explore various shops and take a walk on the famous Perkins Cove Drawbridge. A popular store is Perkins Cove Candies, which features many delicious homemade treats. The candy store also has an area where children fill a beach pail with wrapped candy of their choice, ranging from lollipops to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. This gives off the ultimate beach vibe. There are also public restrooms in Perkins Cove. This area will provide a perfect end to a wonderful day on the Maine coast. 

Families will have a fantastic time exploring the small coastal town of Ogunquit, Maine. It is a longer drive from Holyoke than Hampton Beach but well worth it. There are many wonderful places to shop and dine within the town. There are also many beautiful walking paths and views of the ocean. Ogunquit will provide families with a chance to sit back, relax and eliminate the stress of everyday life. With careful planning, a family can enjoy all the amenities Ogunquit has to offer in a cost-effective way. Ogunquit is a gem waiting to be explored.