Lego Releases Special Edition “Home Alone” Set


Patrick Sweeney, Co-Editor

Lego sets have become extremely popular both in the United States and around the world. The company has released many wonderful pieces throughout the years. They feature many different lines, from the City chain to Expert pieces that prove more challenging for builders. Lego recently surprised the world with a fascinating new release that has many fans excited. The Lego Ideas Home Alone set was released on November 1st. The set is the McAllister home, the main family in the Home Alone movies. It contains just under 4,000 pieces and includes many wonderful features, such as revolving mannequins as well as beautiful holiday decorations. It is a very interactive set that will help families build many wonderful holiday memories this year and in years to come!
The Lego Home Alone set is listed on the Lego website,, as a set that is for fans 18 and older. This age range highlights both the complexity of the set and the attention to detail that needs to be included when building. The set also includes 3,955 pieces, which is one of the highest piece total for Lego sets as a whole. The set itself comes with a total of 5 minifigures. They include Kevin McAllister, his mother, the two Bandits who attempt to rob the McAllister home and “Old Man” Marley, who is shown constantly shoveling the street outside the McAllister home. The two Bandits are each equipped with personal crowbars and “Old Man” Marley is equipped with a shovel. The Kevin minifigure includes a winter hat as well as a scarf. Builders will also be excited by the vehicle included in the Lego set. Fans of the Home Alone movie will recall the van driven by the Bandits. It is blue and was formerly a truck for “Oh-Kay Plumbing and Heating.” The Bandits stole the truck and disguised themselves as contractors while driving. This piece is present in the set, complete with an official “Oh-Kay” sticker that can be attached to the side of the truck. The Lego Home Alone set is currently priced at $249.99, which may seem like a very expensive product. However, professional reviewers such as Jangbricks on YouTube have admitted that it is a “steal” due to the large number of pieces and attention to detail present in the set. Overall, there are many outstanding logistical aspects of the Lego Home Alone set that are guaranteed to impress fans and potential buyers alike.
Fans who are interested in the Home Alone set will be extremely impressed with the features located inside the McAllister home, which opens from the front. Builders also have the option to remove each floor so they can fully immerse themselves in the excellent floor plan. The McAllister home includes two floors plus a basement and an attic space where Kevin has to hang out after he gets in trouble for causing problems at a family gathering. The top of the roof pulls up so builders have the option to maneuver minifigures in the small space. The basement is a very detailed space, complete with a washer and dryer. There is also a large furnace in the basement, which includes a Light Brick. Builders will be able to press a small button that illuminates the furnace. The first floor includes an extremely detailed dining room, complete with a table and taper candles. There is a box of Macaroni and Cheese present on the table, which will remind fans of a scene during the movie. Kevin is left alone at home and is just sitting down to a nice meal of mac and cheese when he is interrupted by the two Bandits trying to break into their home. The first floor also includes a beautiful living room, complete with a fireplace and stockings. The main attraction in the living room is a revolving train track complete with figurines used by Kevin in the movie. The Bandits are attempting to rob the McAllister home and notice that nobody is home. However, Kevin deters them by using cardboards cutouts of sports figures and manipulating them in the living room to mimic the look of a traditional holiday party. The second floor of the set includes two bedrooms and a bathroom. The bedrooms are personalized to each character. The bathroom includes a nice mirror in which you can see the reflection of each minifigure. Finally, the cool attic space also includes a bed and items personalized for Kevin. The McAllister home is quite a sight to see and also includes a detailed back of the house complete with a basement door and intricate brickwork. Builders should also be on the lookout for humor present in the set, such as a cat door that leads into the kitchen in which the head of a minifigure can fit. Remember the iron statue in front of the home that the pizza delivery man used to hit? That is present in the Lego set as well as official Little Nero’s pizza boxes! The fantastic features of the Home Alone Lego set will do nothing but attract builders.
The Lego Home Alone set is a wonderful way to make holiday memories with family and friends. Families who have young children will enjoy spending quality building time together. Many young children enjoy the fun humor of the Home Alone movie and will be delighted at the wonderful features. Adults will also enjoy building the set since the Home Alone movie is loved by them as well. During the pandemic, many parents and children have been struggling to find gift ideas. Some forms of online shopping can make it more difficult to choose between products and get new ideas. However, shopping at Lego is relatively simple. Individuals who do not have an account will be encouraged to create one based on the perks, such as discounts and potentially becoming a part of the Lego VIP program, which offers money back based on the amount of money spent. Families can order products and get them shipped directly to their door in a stress-free manner! The Lego Home Alone set is a wonderful piece that will be enjoyed by many for generations. It will be made by builders around the world who have an interest in the Home Alone series and who have fallen in love with the humor of the McAllister family. Although the Home Alone set is temporarily out of stock, it should be back soon! Be sure to place those orders to make wonderful holiday memories!!