Big E Reopening on September 16, featuring Diverse Food Options and Entertainment


Patrick Sweeney, Editor-in-Chief

The Big E, or Eastern States Exposition, is just weeks away from the grand opening for the 2022 season. The fair will be running from September 16th through October 3rd this year.  Locals are gearing up for the fair, which will feature various new food items such as sweet potato tacos. 

In addition, the Big E will be hosting numerous concerts and other events. It will give local businesses the opportunity to make up revenue lost during the early days of the pandemic. Overall, the 2022 Big E is expected to have an immense impact in the greater Western Massachusetts community.

One attractive feature of the Big E is its available food items offered over the years. Take, for example, the introduction of the “Spicy Peanut Butter and Jelly vegan burger.” Founded by SoulFully Vegan, a food truck located in Middletown, CT, the sandwich combines sweet and spicy flavors to create a “one-of-a-kind taste.” 

SoulFully Vegan is not the only restaurant making their presence felt at the Big E. Among the many unique food items being offered is Sassy’s Sweet Potatoes, which is based out of Brooklyn, New York. The restaurant will be featuring many new products this year, including  “southwestern sweet potato and sweet potato pie.”  

The Big E Bakery is introducing an all-new product to their line – Chocolate Cream Puffs. This item is a must-try for attendees who enjoyed the famous Cream Puffs but would like to try something new. Overall, the Big E will be introducing many new indulgences at this year’s fair, which are all guaranteed to impress. 

Another integral portion of the Big E are the concerts. Many big-name performers are set to take the stage during the fair, highlighted by groups such as the Dropkick Murphys. 

Concerts will be held at one of three stages located on the fairgrounds: The Big E Arena, The E Stage and the Court of Honor Stage. Tickets are currently on sale and are expected to sell out quickly. Purchases are available online. Some concerts are also free to the public, so be sure to look online before planning your evening. 

Those not interested in tuning in to a concert will find many other amusements within the fair. Young children interested in agriculture can enjoy viewing farm animals in the Farm-A-Rama Building. Live demonstrations will be featured throughout the month, which will support local farms and organizations.