Senior Deadlines for the 2023 Yearbook

Senior Deadlines for the 2023 Yearbook

Patrick Sweeney, Editor-in-Chief

The 2022-23 school year has been moving quickly, which means that yearbook deadlines are approaching. Seniors need to be aware of several important deadlines when it comes to yearbook pictures. Ensuring that deadlines are met will increase productivity when it comes to pictures and quotes.

The first yearbook deadline approaching is for Then and Now pictures, which require that a baby picture and current picture of Seniors are submitted. Then and Now pictures are due on Friday, November 4th. Though, pictures that are sent after the deadline will not be included in the yearbook. Emails were sent out to Seniors by Lakeisha Cubero Montanez and Jennylee Ojeda Colon on October 5th regarding the pictures.

Another approaching deadline for Seniors is to submit their Halloween pictures after the holiday. These pictures are due on November 3rd and Seniors should have received an email from Ciani Rodriguez regarding the deadline. 

A final yearbook picture deadline is for the official Senior portraits. Seniors should have received an email from Camryn Rist on October 12th regarding the pictures. The cutoff for Senior picture submission is December 15th. Many Seniors may also choose to submit a quote with their picture. While this is not required, it is strongly encouraged since the quote will be written under the Senior name and picture. Seniors will have until early next year to send in their quotes. 

Whenever Seniors have pictures to send, they are encouraged to forward them to the official yearbook email, which is The same applies for pictures outside of the categories mentioned above. For example, fall sports players are also encouraged to send pictures. We will also be accepting candids throughout the year. Sending in pictures early will ensure that everyone gets their pictures added to the yearbook.

In order to stay updated on yearbook deadlines, be sure to tune in to the morning announcements during homeroom. Announcements will be made each day reminding Seniors about when to send in pictures. Seniors should be aware that the Yearbook Staff will not be accepting late pictures or extending any deadlines. Because of this, they should take and submit their pictures sooner rather than later. 

The Holyoke High yearbook is one of the most important mementos of Senior year. Sending in pictures early or by the due date will facilitate the yearbook process. Again, if students or parents/guardians have any questions regarding pictures or quotes, be sure to reach out to throughout the year. 

In addition to the yearbook deadlines, the official Senior football field picture took place on Wednesday, October 19. Volunteers from the Yearbook Staff set up the field during A block and the picture was taken during C Block. All Seniors formed the letters “2” and “3.” The picture was taken by Andres Villada, a communications specialist for Holyoke Public Schools.