Once a Knight, Always a Knight

On May 29, 2015, Holyoke High lost one of its own. Erick Matos, a sophomore at the school, passed away after his months-long battle with cancer.

Many loved Erick, and the Herald dedicates this article to his memory. You will not be forgotten, Erick. Once a Knight, always a Knight #BlueForErick.


Erick, the sound of a sweet melody

Erick, the livest heartbeat

When he was around, no one was sad

Because how could you look at someone so beautiful that’s never been mad

Say something mean and he’d brush it off

He’d just reply, “What I got is what I got.”

So grateful for his family and friends

He knew we’d be there for the kid till the end

Not only a sweetheart, but a ball player too with a Yankee cap and the nastiest swing through

A Jeter, a number 2

It would make you sit and wonder, “Is this kid too good to be true?”

Not to mention a true Kobe

He’d joke and say, “What, you don’t know me?”

“I got a shot that can kill.”

“I got moves that are better than skills.”

He’d say to me, “Dora, you’re gonna be in the NBA,”

I’d say no, Erick, thank you, but that’ll be your day

He used to steal the ball from me so smooth, he wasn’t speedy Gonzalez though

But the kid could move

He hates the Celtics but we thought otherwise

Lakers was his team, he never liked those other guys

But he’d move the ball no matter what team he was on.

He’d also move your heart

Towards the end but especially the start

The sweetest slice you’d ever take

The nicest guy for God’s sake

You’d ask for an arm, he’d give you a leg, he’d give you food even after you’d been fed

Playing for you, kid

Homers and grand slams for you

All I do, all we do is for you

Praying and hoping for our hero

No cape, but you’re still the man though, you save and protect

So we’ll give back for a sec

Erick. the King of Charter kids

Yes, it’s that boy over there with the Pirates hat

The boy that never hid

You could point him out in a group

He was so noticeable but not out of place

You’d fall in love with the feel of his face

Small eyes, but you can tell he’s family

Erick, we’re rooting for you, even Sammy

A king, one who was strong and one loved by all

We’d catch him, we’d catch Erick, even if he’d fall

Optimism is his game

The purest soul and shiniest fame

Erick, my brother, my friend

The happiest kid alive

A smile, so wide, “You want to hang out with me?”

“Where, how, and when?”

“Let’s do it, you’re my friend.”

I’d text him asking how his day was

He’d reply, “Good so far but my day is gonna be great.”

Knowing him he always has fate I pondered with no doubt, and asked, “Why’s that?”

He’d reply ,”Because I decide how my day turns out.”

No, he isn’t the president

But he has power beyond him

He’d inspired the city, the family we have

No, you have to be strong, not unhappy or sad

We kept him alive as much as he tried himself

And no matter what, Erick, I hope you know how we’ve felt

I know you got a lot under your belt

But Erick, the sound of a sweet melody

Erick, the livest heartbeat

You keep us on our feet

If you can’t do it on your own

We’ll forever help your heartbeat

We should be like Erick

Happy and beautiful, just like him

Never lie, never cheat, like him

Fight like Erick

Be a knight like Erick

Erick, this isn’t good bye

This is see you later, and I promise we won’t be shy

You were a true Jeter that just went to heaven,

So we’ll always remember and never forget

Erick, the legend.

–Dora Castillo


The Herald especially thanks Dora Castillo and Chasidy Nazario for their contributions.

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