Holyoke High Hit with a Burst of Spirit!

Spirit Week 2016 was a creative success!

Last week, Spirit Week returned to HHS and students and staff were encouraged to dress along with the day’s theme and show their school spirit!

On the first day,  students were encouraged show their patriotism for our country on April 4th for Ameri-cam Monday! This was a day devoted to showing pride in our country by wearing our nation’s colors- red, white, and blue. Also included was  the opportunity to wear camouflage to honor our service men and women who have fought or are fighting for our freedom! ‘Murica! (Note: although this day was postponed due to weather, the following Monday, April 11 was a make-up day).

The second day, April 5th, was “Toon Tuesday.” The title is pretty self-explanatory; this was a day to show off your favorite cartoon by dressing like them! Students replicated their favorite character or even joined a group of friends to recreate their favorite cartoon buddies.

“Onesie Wednesday” was next on the agenda for April 6th. For years, “Pajama Day” was always a requested day for Spirit Week, and this year Student Government made it happen!  “Onesie Wednesday” offered students and faculty the chance to wear their pajamas to school!

April 7th, “Twin Thursday,” was the day to show up in matching outfits with one or several friends. Students were encouraged to get creative with themes and they didn’t disappoint!

The final day of Spirit Week certainly had promise to end the week with an exciting day. “Flashback Friday” was the theme for the school day, which required students to dig up some of their parents or even grandparents’s clothes out of the attic.

Following “Flashback Friday,” Holyoke High School’s Student Government decided to bring back a lost tradition, the MORP. . M-O-R-P spells P-R-O-M backwards, and that’s what it is, a backwards prom! Students keep on what they wore to school on  Flashback Friday because the MORP is an old fashioned dance.

It’s was a fun filled week at HHS – check out pictures taken of all the spirit week activities and the MORP below!

dsc_0312 dsc_0315 dsc_0325 dsc_0327 dsc_0328 dsc_0331 dsc_0332 dsc_0334 dsc_0338 dsc_0339 dsc_0342 dsc_0343 dsc_0345 dsc_0347 dsc_0349 dsc_0352 dsc_0353 dsc_0356 dsc_0358 dsc_0359 dsc_0361 dsc_0363 dsc_0364 dsc_0366 dsc_0367 dsc_0368 dsc_0369 dsc_0370 dsc_0371 dsc_0372 dsc_0374 dsc_0375 dsc_0377 dsc_0379 dsc_0380 dsc_0381 dsc_0382 dsc_0383 dsc_0384 dsc_0385 dsc_0386 dsc_0388 dsc_0390 dsc_0392 dsc_0393 dsc_0400 dsc_0403 dsc_0409 dsc_0410 dsc_0411 dsc_0413 dsc_0415 dsc_0417 dsc_0422 dsc_0425 dsc_0428 dsc_0429 dsc_0431 dsc_0433 dsc_0438 dsc_0442 dsc_0444 dsc_0449 dsc_0450 dsc_0453 dsc_0455 dsc_0456 dsc_0460 dsc_0461 dsc_0464 dsc_0467 dsc_0468 dsc_0469 dsc_0474 dsc_0477 dsc_0480 dsc_0486 dsc_0493 dsc_0497 dsc_0502 dsc_0506 dsc_0508 dsc_0512 dsc_0513 dsc_0526 dsc_0530 Twins1 Twins2 Twins3 Twins4 Twins5 Twins6 Twins8 Twins9 Twins10 Twins11 Twins12 Twins13 Twins14