Most Influential Song of 2018

Guest writer, Shirley Mulero Cruz, reviews what she believes to be the most influential song of 2018.


The song, “Scars To Beautiful” by Alessia Cara  will be reviewed in this essay. This song was chosen because it’s one of my top favorite songs. In today’s music, this artist is a good influence. She talks about self-love in her songs. In today’s music, this artist is doing what she loves, which is music. Through her love of music, she gives a message to the public of self respect.   
    Alessia Cara has so many interesting facts about her. One fact is that she began to sing on her Youtube channel. This peaked my interest because she started on social media and now her songs are a big hit. It shows us that we can do anything if we really want it. Another fact about her is that her song “Scars To Beautiful” is about loving yourself, but it turns out that she had to learn how to do just that. Finally, she does not crave attention, but keeps doing this career because she loves music too much to not do it.
    Alessia Cara started out by a Youtube channel. Then she began to be noticed and grew from there. From this point, she became famous and her songs are getting big hits. Now Alessia Cara is making music with a message.
    The popularity of Alessia Cara is big. She has 71 million views on her video “Scars To Beautiful” . Through looking at her videos on Youtube, you can see that many people listen to her music. Another way of showing her popularity is that she has 2.1 million followers in Instagram. Overall, Alessia Cara’s popularity has been growing since she started to sing on her social media platforms.
    Alessia Cara’s song, “Scars to Beautiful”, sounds upbeat. Through listening to “Scars To Beautiful”, I could tell that she is giving us a message in this song. The genre is pop, you can tell this through the beat of the song. Overall, the song is active but at the same time it’s giving people the message of how important it is to love yourself.
    In conclusion, the artist Alessia Cara is a good influence. This is because her songs are sending important messages for the listeners. Also this artist shows young women how they don’t have to wear makeup or dress pretty to be able to be beautiful. Finally the artist is a good example of how you could start with nothing and become famous.