Spotlight On: Jack Keane

For the month of February, The Herald profiles one of its own: student athlete Jack Keane.


Jack Keane – a man of few words, and the man Jim Hobert describes as “one of the hardest working players he’s seen in [thirty] years.”

Holyoke High is full of great student athletes who work hard and try to succeed, both in the classroom and on their respective field of play, but there is one who stands out above the rest. Jack Keane is a Holyoke High junior who is a star player on both the basketball and football team. Although he is recognized for his athletic ability, Jack is a scholar above all else and believes that his education will take him where he wants to be in life. Jack is a constant High Honor Roll student and has recently been accepted into the National Honor Society. Jack epitomizes what a STUDENT ATHLETE is and how one should carry themselves.

Jack’s favorite extracurricular activity is basketball. In his freshmen year, Jack made the Junior Varsity team and was the only freshman to do so. In his sophomore year, Jack earned a spot on the Varsity team and gave the team some very productive minutes when he came off the bench. Currently in his junior year, Jack has played a much bigger role for the Varsity team who had to replace seven graduating seniors, one of those being pre-season “Super Seven” member Justin White.

Starting as shooting guard this year, Jack is averaging about 9 points per game and is one of the leaders in assists on the team. Jack’s three pointers have become a highlight of this basketball season, and thus far Jack has helped Holyoke to a 7-5 record. Jack’s favorite basketball memory is his game winning shot versus the second ranked team in Western Mass, Chicopee. With only a few seconds left in the game, Holyoke was down by 1. The score was 66-65 in favor of Chicopee, Holyoke brought the ball down the court, drove into the lane, and kicked the ball out to Jack in the corner. He stroked a 3 and won the game and a key victory for the Knights. When asked about the shot Jack told The Herald, “Once I let the shot go I knew it was going in. It was a big shot in a big game and it will be something I will always remember.”

When Jack entered his junior year he was asked upon to take up more of a leadership role. So far, he has stepped up and he is looked upon in high regard by both his teammates and his coaches. “Jack is a great teammate on and off the court. He is always looking for the open man and he is a great passer. Jack is also very good with the ball in his hands, he commits very few turnovers,” said teammate Alex Taupier (’17).

Jack in action. Photo Credit: Masslive.
Jack in action. Photo Credit: MassLive.

Senior Basketball Varsity Captain Devante Wardell thinks that, “Jack doesn’t really say much, but he is a killer on the court. He leads by example and lets his play do the talking .” Coach Hobert speaks very highly of Jack as well, calling him “One of the hardest working players I’ve had in my thirty years of coaching. He works harder than any other player in the off-season and exemplifies what a team player is.”

Not only is Jack part of the basketball and football teams, he is also involved in many other clubs in school. Jack is also a staff member here at The Herald (you can check out his staff profile and articles here) and is involved in Holyoke High’s Student Government. Jack is a Student Council Representative for the class of 2016 and is constantly thinking of new ideas to help better his class. “Clubs are a good way of meeting new people, getting involved in the school community, and expanding your college resume,” Jack explains.

After high school, Jack possibly plans to do one year of prep school at Commonwealth Academy or go straight to college to play Division 3 basketball. Some colleges that Jack is looking at are Brandince University, Pace University, and New York University.

As February winds down, be sure to make it to a Holyoke High basketball game and watch Jack and the rest of The Knights showcase their skills.