Adviser’s Note

The Herald signs off for the summer – see you next fall!


The elective will serve as a gateway for students to join our staff!

Hello Herald Readers!

This spot usually belongs to Melanie Kos, but as she’s graduated and moved on in the world, I thought I would take a chance to thank everyone for helping us have a great year.

The Class of 2016 certainly made their mark on The Herald – they played a big role in our expansion into social media and our transition into an online format. I would like to thank Melanie Kos for being such an amazing editor-in-chief (so amazing that I anticipate e-mailing her at Dartmouth with questions about this website), Summer Kaeppel for being such a witty, clever, and engaging social media manager, Alex Glanville and Nathan Yee for being so “game” for live tweeting the Purple Knights, Matt Antil for being a great Features editor, Hanna Smith for being such a dedicated Sports editor, Lindsey Martins for helping me tackle the big project of maintaining the school calendar, and every member of the Class of 2016 for the enthusiasm they brought to our school newspaper during their time here.

As we bid farewell to our seniors, we look forward to the future! Sara Morin, Nicole Lussier, Marty Keane, and Josie Moriarty have all stepped up into editing roles for next year, while Maeghan Desmarias will be managing our social media and Siobhan Brennan will be running the school calendar. We’ve got some big ideas on the horizon for new features including a video news broadcast and a Twitter account specifically for HHS sports coverage. Next fall, Sara Morin will be writing here to kick off her run as Herald editor-in-chief!

From all of us here at The Herald, we wish a happy and relaxing summer!

  • Joe Courchense, Herald Faculty Advisor