“The Rocky Horror Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again” Break Down

Josie Moriarty offers a few criticisms and highlights of "The Rocky Horror Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again."

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again” aired on Thursday, October 20th on Fox. It was a remake/tribute of the original Rocky Horror Picture Show that came out in 1975. The new Rocky Horror stared Laverne Cox as “Frank-N-Furter,” Victoria Justice as “Janet,” and Ryan McCartan as “Brad.”

Whenever a classic movie like Rocky Horror gets remade, I am skeptical of it. When you take a movie that’s so iconic and well-done, it seems impossible to do a good job remaking it. This was certainly the case for the new Rocky Horror.

This new Rocky Horror was all over the place. Overall, the acting was just not there. I understand that Rocky Horror is intended to be a corny movie, but in the original each actor brought their own edge to the film, where this new version featured a cast that was trying too hard to be like the original, lacking their own sense of humor and edge.

Victoria Justice was especially lacking in this version. I don’t believe she is talentless by any means; however, I don’t think she is fit to play a character like Janet Weiss. She has a very nice singing voice, but her acting for this film was over the top. She tried to be fast paced when she delivered her lines, but it wasn’t comical; instead, it was annoying.

She also kept doing this melodramatic scream, attempting to redo Susan Sarandon’s from the original. The screams are one of the things that made the original so wonderfully corny; however, the new version tried to mimic them. It was a failed attempt to say the least.

Rocky Horror has a unique soundtrack. The lyrics are bizarre, but the overall sound is amazing. Some songs have a rock and roll vibe, where others are complete show tunes. The soundtrack is one of the main reasons why I love the original version so much. This new version, trying to be different, changed the songs so that each one would sound more or less like a pop single. “Time Warp” was especially disappointing. Overall the songs weren’t terrible, but these pop versions took away from the show.

There were a few other aspects of the movie that didn’t make it good or bad, but was just strange. For instance the actress who played Magenta had a shifting accent throughout the movie. I couldn’t tell if it was intentional or not. They weren’t major accent changes, but each time she appeared on screen there was a subtle difference.

Every time a character did something that would result in applause, the ensemble would snap their fingers instead of clapping. Again, this didn’t make the movie good or bad, but it was something that caught my attention that I found odd.

There were some positive parts of the movie. The most significant being the costumes. Each character had an array of shiny, over the top, futuristic costumes. They were incredible. Frank N. Furter’s costumes were especially incredible, as were the ensembles.

The best part of the whole show was Tim Curry’s (the original Frank N. Furter) cameo. He played the narrator and he made minor jabs at his old role the entire time. At one point he looked directly into the camera and said, “Don’t dream it. Be it.” as “Rose Tint My World” played in the background. It made the whole show more bearable.

It was a nice attempt; however, the “Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again” was a poor revival of the original 1975 version. I would not recommend it to anyone (unless you are curious and feel compelled to watch it anyway, like me). I would instead recommend that you watch the original Rocky Horror and enjoy the corny, spooky, funny masterpiece that it is.