Melvas 2016 Preview

Join us on May 16, 2016 for the second annual Melva awards!


Join us on May 16, 2016 for the second annual Melva Awards! Hosted by the comedic styling’s of Holyoke High Drama Club members Kenny Roche and Gabriel Camacho, the night will be dedicated to honoring the hard work of The Herald staff. Special guest presenters include Mr. Stephen Sullivan, Dr. Steve Zrike, Mr. Mark Todd and more! Also, longtime Herald adviser Mrs. Melva Michealian will return to induct former Herald member Angela Sweeney into The Herald Hall of Fame!

Below are the nominees! We hope to see you there!

“The Jon Dougherty Award for Journalistic Excellence”

“Volleyball Hall Of Famers Visit The Birthplace Of Volleyball” by E. McGuinness

“Back To School BBQ Kicks Off New Year” by F. Sibdhanny

“Pope In The USA: Francis’ Five Day Frenzy” by N. Lussier

“Remembering Brian and Moira” by M. Desmarais

“Holyoke Honors Veterans” by A. Diaz Moore

“Improv Event Brings Laughs For Good Cause” by C. LaChapelle and J.Swinehart


“The Matt McAndrew Award for Best Opinion Piece”

“The Death of American Patriotism” by J. Courchesne

“Growing Up On The Wrong Side Of The Tofu Curtain” by M. Desmarias

“To Protect And Serve” by R. Loughrey and N.Elkins

“Virtual Reality vs. Actual Reality” by H. Smith

“Can Trump Trump The Others For Presidency?” by D. Evans

“Arts In School: More Than Just Extra” by J. Moriarty and J.Swinehart

“Snakes At Quabbin” by M. Antil


“Best Entry Into Our Spotlight Series”

“Spotlight On: Dr. Stephen Zrike” by M. Kos

“Spotlight On: The Golf Team” by M. Antil

“More Than Just A Spotlight: Dave Reinhart” by M. Keane

“Spotlight On: Aleyx Bernard” by S. Kaeppel

“Spotlight On: Carlos Joquin” by S. Brennan

“Spotlight On: Mr. Moro” by F. Sibdhanny


“Best Photo Gallery”

Guild 2015 by J. Swinehart

Football Senior Night by J. Swinehart

Thanksgiving Day Game by S. Morin

Girl’s Basketball Senior Night by J. Swinehart

Pep Rally 2015 by N. Elkins

Dodge For The Blue Night by N. Elkins

Upward Bound Fundraiser Night by Y. Melendez

Junior-Senior 2015 by A. Diaz Moore


“Best Episode of ‘The Town Crier’ Podcast”

“Episode 5: Kenny Roche and Jeovahnie Almyeda” by C. Pater

“Episode 1: Alex Morse” by S. Kaeppel and A. Glanville

“Episode 2: Fran O’Connell” by S.Kaeppel and A. Glanville

“Episode 3: Field Hockey” by N. Yee and M. Keane

“Episode 4: HHS Football” by M. Antil and A. Glanville

“Episode 6: Grace Lavelle and Meghan Ryan” by S. Morin and S. Brennan

“Episode 7: Mark Todd and Emma Price” by A. Glanville and S. Kaeppel




“The Purple Knight Award For Best HHS Sports Story”

“Field Hockey Haunts Holyoke” by S. Brennan

“More Than Just A Spotlight: Dave Reinhart” by M.Keane

“More Than Just Running: Holyoke Cross Country Win Western Mass Title” by S. Morin

“Callie Hits 1,000” by N.Yee and N.Elkins

“Holyoke Knights Dominate South Hadley” by A.Glanville and J.Swinehart


“The Ed Meyer Great American Award For Best Human Interest Story”

“Spotlight On: Aleyx Bernard” by S. Kaeppel

“Spotlight On: Carlos Joquin” by S. Brennan

“To Protect And Serve” by Raegan Loughery and N.Elkins


“Best Sports Article”

“College Football Playoff Breakdown” by M. Keane

“Local Player Lives New England Dream” by E. Sullivan

“Should Jose Mourinho Be Sacked As Chelsea’s Manager?” by C. LaChapelle

“The NHL: Looking Ahead” by H. Smith

“Masters Preview” by A. Glanville

“History of the Super Bowl” by M. Keane


“Best Feature”

“To My Person In Heaven” by L. Martins

“Old School Holyoke High” by E. McGuinness

“Top 10 Odd Tribute Days” by E. McGuinness

“Road Race Go Pro” by A. Diaz Moore and R. Costello

“Teachers Read Mean Tweets” by S. Kaeppel and R. Costello


“Best Entertainment Article”

“Holyoke Voices Heard In Original Drama Club Play” by A. Diaz Moore

“Top 10 Christmas Movies” by J. Moriarty

“Made in the AM Review” by Y. Melendez

“Top 10 Halloween Movies” by S. Brennan

“Shrek Comes to Holyoke High” by N. Lussier


“The KnightLife Award for Best HHS News Story”

“Holyoke High Students Become School Leaders” by Y. Melendez and N. Elkins

“Prom-Posal Highlights Honor Roll Live” by A. Diaz Moore and N.Elkins

“An Academic WorldQuest For Holyoke Knights” by M. Kos

“2015-2016 School Year Brings Change To HHS” by J. Moriarty

“2015 Freshman Elections” by F. Sibdhanny

“Food Drive” by E. McGuinness