Mackenzie Field Gets Upgrade

Mackenzie field receives some needed improvements just in time for the 2017 HHS baseball season.


Construction is currently underway at Mackenzie Field.

As many, if not all, students and faculty have noticed, major enhancements to the High School’s track and field have been made. Now, improvements and additions are being made to the baseball field.

“I look forward to Mackenzie being improved,” said Owen Lavelle ’18, “I think it will be much more fun to play on, and it will definitely be safer, now that the infield is being redone.”

The field will be receiving new bathrooms on the home side, upgrades to the bathroom on the visiting side, infield edge conditioning, and improvements to home plate. Electrical work as well as water work, and the replacement of the infield and outfield sod will also take place this year.

“I pitch, and I’m really looking forward to this season.” said Brendan Leahy ’19, “With the improved bull pen, and redone mound, it will be a better game for both players, and spectators.”

Luckily for the baseball teams, the field will be ready for the upcoming spring season, and we are all looking forward to supporting our fellow Knights!