Holyoke High Student Callie Cavanaugh Commits to Play D1 Basketball For FIU

Callie Cavanaugh, a Holyoke High senior, recently committed toplay Division 1 basketball for Florida International University.


Three years playing for the Knights, countless seasons of basketball, and 1,000 points later, Holyoke High senior Callie Cavanaugh has finally made her decision- she will play D1 basketball for Florida International University for the next four years.

One major part of FIU that attracted Super 7 player Cavanaugh is the coaching staff. “The coaching team is young and enthusiastic,” Callie says. She is also very excited to play with the girls on the FIU team. “The team is a great group of girls to play with.”

Callie is looking forward to traveling the country, honing her skills, and becoming an even better basketball player. However, she is a little nervous about being so far from home. “Its both exciting and nerve wracking; I’m excited because it’s a new adventure and a little nervous because I’m leaving home for the first time.”

Though she knows what school she will be attending next year, Cavanaugh is unsure about her major. “I’m going to start off undeclared and explore my interests,” Callie says. She hopes to find a balance between school and basketball, as well as declare a major after her sophomore year.

While she’s not so sure on what she wants to study in college, she is sure of what she’d like to do after. “I hope to continue playing basketball, maybe even overseas.”

Cavanaugh told the Herald that she’d like to “thank you to both my coaches from AAU and Holyoke High and also all the amazing staff and students for all the support over my four years here.”

Callie has the amazing confidence and skill that has made the Holyoke High community sure of her future success while playing FIU basketball over the next few years. From everyone on the Herald, congratulations Callie!