Sports Management Event To Benefit Make A Wish Foundation

Sports Management has put together a Holyoke High Dodge Ball Tournament to benefit a worthy charity.


On Thursday March 16th, Holyoke High will be holding a “Dodge for a Wish” dodgeball tournament, to benefit and raise money for the “Make a Wish Foundation” of Massachusetts and give students hands on experience in sports management.

The idea for the tournament was created by Holyoke High’s sports management II class and teacher Mrs. Reardon. The point of this class is to “learn how to manage all aspects of a sporting event.” Mrs. Reardon explains that with the tournament the students will “use the knowledge [they] have learned” to host the tournament and raise money for a good cause.

The tournament will be held in the large gym starting at 5:30 and will be played by the following teams (name & team colors): 
– All Above (black)
– Blesquik (yellow & purple)
– Foreign Barracudas (red &a black)
– You Can’t Dodge This (black & purple)
– Los Jips (blue & rainbow)
– Sam Mary (black & camo)
– Out Lawz (black)
– I thought this was Spanish class (grey)
– The Herald (black & purple)
– All stars (red, white, & blue)
– Freshmen (dark blue)
– We’ll fail you if we lose (purple & white)
– Berken (dark green)
– Thunder Stuck (rainbow)

So students, come on out on March 16th to watch your peers compete, help out the sports management class, and support the Make a Wish foundation!