Holyoke Senior Named “Super Seven”

Billy Drohan, a senior at Holyoke School was announced Super 7 for golf at the beginning of the 2017 school year.


William “Billy” Drohan III is a senior at Holyoke High School, and star player on the HHS Co-Ed Golf Team. This year, Billy won the honor of being named “Super Seven” for golf, a title meaning that he is one of the top seven golfers in Western Massachusetts.

Billy has been a member of the golf team for all four of his years at Holyoke High. Over those years, he’s gained many friends and speaks positively about his experience on the golf team; “Since we’ve been at Holyoke High, we have had a very prosperous golf program,” said Billy. He hopes to keep the same positive mentality for himself and for his teammates. “Making Super 7 is quite an honor and I’m hoping to prove it this season”.

Billy isn’t the only one excited for this season. His teammates are also expecting a great season, and are extremely proud of Billy’s achievement. “He’s a good player, who shows a lot of heart and determination when out playing, and strives to play his best every time he’s out on the course…” said Jack Monroe ’18, “he deserves this title; he’s worked hard to get where he got– he’s a very solid and sturdy player.”

David Girouard, the Holyoke High Golf Coach and another one of Billy’s supporters, said “Billy is a golfer that has improved over the past few years and has a tremendous amount of talent. There’s going to be a lot of pressure on him to perform as Super 7, but I think he has the right mentality and talent to perform under the circumstances.”

Congratulations Billy for this great achievement! The Herald wishes you and the golf team luck for this season!