Boy’s Soccer Unites in Support of Hurricane Victims

The Boys Varsity soccer team holds flags in support of hurricane victims.


In light of recent natural disasters, the Boy’s Varsity Soccer Team decided to unite in their support to the people effected. On picture day for the Holyoke High and Dean Tech sports teams, each player held up a flag representing the countries that were hit by the hurricanes, as well as other flags of countries that represented the ethnicity of players on the team.

There were many different regions and nations represented on the turf that day, including Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Poland, Ireland and Colombia. 

“Since the hurricane hit [Puerto Rico] my mom and I have been extremely stressed because our entire family lives there”, said Ernesto Aulet, a senior at Holyoke High School who can be seen holding the Puerto Rican flag. “I held the flag to show not only the strength of my family, but of all who were affected by this hurricane”.

Alberto Burgos, a captain of the team who had held the flag of the Dominican Republic, said “We included the Polish, Colombian, and Irish flags to show how the support on our team is from everyone, no matter their own ethnicity, and not just from those who have family in the affected areas”. Soccer holds flags

The team shared some of the pictures that had been taken on social media, which were then viewed by many other student, including HHS sophomore, Nate Canata, who said, “At a time when our country is so divided, it’s nice to see something that shows unity”.

The soccer team currently holds a record of 5-2-1.  If you want to follow the soccer team more closely, please follow The Herald’s sports’ twitter page @hhsheraldsports. Go Knights!