Powder Puff 2017

The 2017 Powder Puff Game has come and gone, and Lauren Ryan reflects on how this year’s game played out.


Powder Puff

Every year, the Senior and Junior class looks forward to an annual tradition: The Powder Puff Game. This tradition becomes very competitive and sometimes it even gets heated, but everyone leaves smiling. This year, the game was held on Sunday, November 6, at the Robert’s Sports Complex.

For those of you that aren’t aware of what Powder Puff entails, it is a flag football game where girls play instead of guys. The coaches of the teams, who are either current or former football players, would run plays, and pass their wisdom onto the Powder Puff teams.

The coaches for the senior team were Marty Keane, Owen Lavelle, Nolan Keane, Jose Luciano and Jerry Ortiz.

On the juniors side, the coaches were Corey Thomas, Kenny Williams, Leesandro Colon, Andrew Skwira, and Derek Baez.

The Seniors started off strong with a great hand off to TJ Reyes which then lead to the first touchdown of the game.  The juniors did not give up, however, and they quickly got back the points by scoring a touchdown a few plays later.

At half time, tensions ran high as the score stood at 22-18, with the seniors winning.

Adamaris Torres was a huge help to the Junior team by scoring multiple touch downs. Her slogan for the game was, “First down to touchdown, that’s how we roll!”

In the last play of the game the seniors were able to score a touchdown, locking in their win. The senior coaches had Marykate Albert kick an extra point after the touchdown. “I️ was really nervous and anxious to make the kick because everyone was watching,” she said, “but luckily being a soccer player helped and once I️ saw it go in I️ was really happy and excited!”

The final whistle blew and the seniors had beat the juniors 34-24!


Powder Puff
Powder Puff

Senior Powder Puff Players
Senior Powder Puff Players