Recap: Student Teacher Basketball Game

HHS enjoyed another exciting Students vs. Teachers basketball game on March 16. Full recap and photo gallery below.


On March 16th, 2018 the second annual students vs teachers basketball game took place. This event has been long awaited by the faculty and the students. As this event got closer and closer questions began to swirl. Are the seniors going to avenge the loss from last year? Are the teachers going to continue to be the reigning champs? These questions were finally answered when both teams faced off on the court.

The students team consisted of 13 seniors: Joseph Ramirez #12, Gregory Gomez #3, Gio Carrasquillo #21, Exavier Adomo #8, Rex Albino #3, Naomi Heredia #16, Joseph Cavanaugh #24, Patrick Morrison #15, Amanda Gonzalez #3, Martin Keane #2, Sam Moreno #22, Ethan Dupont #0, Alberto Burgos #18, John O’Neill #8, and Alexander Ortiz #1.

The teachers team had 18 players in total: Mr. Baru #24, Mr. Belanger #28, Mr. Dunn #20, Mr. Athas #7, Mr. Rivera #24, Mr. Maldonado #5, Mr. Velez #23, Mr. Melendez #1, Mr. Langlois #14, Mr. Donohue #3, Mr. Bowler #5, Ms. Lafond #13, Ms. Martins #21, Mr. Hernandez #7, Mr. Taupier #12, Mr. Gilbert #11, Mr. Britton #15.

Before the game began Mr. Melendez said a few words, then the Holyoke High Band and Choir sang the national anthem. Mr. Melendez then handed the mic off to announcer Brennan Roberge ‘18 as the refs Jack Kraus ‘18 and Mr. McAndrew brought the ball to center court for tip off.

The first points of the game were scored by Mr. Taupier #12, this made the score 3-0 teachers and the crowd was going crazy. Before the students had a chance to even the game up Mr. Langlois #14 stole the ball and made a layup making the score 5-0 teachers.

At this point the crowd was cheering for the teachers but that wouldn’t last long, Exavier Adomo #8 scored the first basket for the students making the game 5-3 teachers.

By the time the first quarter ended the score was tied at 13. Everyone was waiting in anticipation to see what would happen next.

Again the teachers came out swinging Mr. Athas #7 scored the first basket of the second quarter.

Mr. Maldonado #5 scored a buzzer-beater to end the first half and the teachers are most definitely dominating with the score being 27-21 teachers.

At half time, two men from the military came onto the court and threw water bottles and land yards into the crowd. During this time Brennan Roberge ‘18 pulled some of the players aside and had them say a couple words to the crowd. The crowd was roaring at this time: some cheering for students, others for the teachers.

The third quarter started and again the teachers scored first with a layup made by Mr. Dunn #20. This quarter was a nail biter going back and forth between the students and the teachers and when the quarter ended the students had the lead for the first time in the game with the score being 34-33.

Tensions were high as the fourth quarter began. The teachers came back from their deficit and lead 50-44 with 1:42 left in the game. Students were not going to give up in an attempt to come back they fouled Mr. Melendez #1 with 8 seconds left and Mr. Langlois with 4 seconds left and player Alberto Burgos #18 called a time out with 1.3 seconds left. With all the efforts made by the students it wasn’t enough and the teachers came out with the win two years in a row the final score being 54-48.

Though the students lost the crowd was going crazy they cheered for the teachers and the student players patted them on the back.

Even with the loss senior Alberto Burgos ‘18 said this after the game “It was a great time really, it was competitive and fun so you can’t really ask more of the game, the crowd was great too.”

The students vs teachers faculty game has become a loved tradition at Holyoke high and new principal Dana Brown was glad he could be part of it.

“It was an exciting game, it was hard fought, and I was really pleased with the enthusiasm and camaraderie,” said Brown.“Overall I thought it was a great day and I was pleased to watch my one and only student faculty game”

Students and teachers are already talking and arguing about who will win next year. Many people at Holyoke H igh will tell you they look forward to watching the student vs teachers basketball game and they hope it continues for years to come.

See our exclusive photos from the game below: