Holyoke High at Western Mass 2019

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This year Holyoke High yet again hosted the Western Massachusetts track meet, also commonly referred to as the PVIAC meet. Although Holyoke High did not win the overall track meet, it still had many participating athletes that performed well for their school. On the girl’s side, Tiana Johnson ran the 100 meter dash, Selena Garcia ran the 200 meter dash, Mara Colon ran the 400 meter and placed tenth, Tessa Moriarty placed eighth in the high jump, and their 4 by 400 relay team placed eighth overall.

The boys team had a few outstanding performances, as has been precedent in the past years of Holyoke High track and field. To begin the running events, Jack Shea placed seventh in the two mile run, although this was a lackluster performance at 10:20. Abdiel Acevedo also impressively ran the two mile and earned a personal best with a time of 10:46. The boys one mile run also saw some impressive performances with Abdiel Acevedo running 4:54, Jalen Olivero running 4:52, and Marcel Guzik running 4:55. In the 800 meter, Donovan Kro and Justin Kennedy took second and third respectively, and with times of 1:57 and 1:59 respectively. Gabe Diaz also ran the 800, running a time of 2:01, and Misael Rios with a time of 2:05. The boys 4 by 800 meter relay also performed valiantly, earning second place with a time of 8:28 on particularly tired legs. The boys 4 by 100 meter also participated in the meet.

The throwing team also showed up to PVIAC this year, with Ian Beauregard participating in the javelin and shot put, earning seventh in the javelin. Tyler Guertin also decided to show up, placing fourth in the discus and placing first in the shot put, making him the western mass champ in the shot put. Although the meet marks an unfortunate end to the seasons of many a athlete, many, including Jack Shea, Donovan Kro, Justin Kennedy, Gabe Diaz, Misael Rios, Jalen Olivero, Tyler Guertin, and the girls 4 by 400 relay, will move on to the Central Western meet next week, and will all hopefully further improve their performances.