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Alice Will Be Missed By Many

Alice Will Be Missed By Many

Nora Taupier, Staff Reporter '15

December 23, 2014

Recently, Holyoke lost a person who has grown to be an institution in this city: Alice Cundiff, long-time manager of the Northampton St Friendly's.

Essex House: A Bundle of Headaches this Holiday Season for Holyoke

The partial collapse of the Essex House.

Melanie Kos, News Editior

December 22, 2014

Local residents and business owners have been impacted by the collapse of the Essex House on High Street.

Public Art: Banned in Holyoke?

The mural that originally sparked the controversy. 
Photo Credit: masslive

Ellen Rice, Staff Reporter '15

December 9, 2014

A debate on the purpose, nature, and appropriateness of public art has created a rift between the citizens of Holyoke.

Norovirus Halts Education in Boston

Cordon Elementary School in Boston: a school recently hit by the dreaded norovirus. 
Photo Credit:

Anthony Cruz, Staff Reporter '15

November 19, 2014

Around 140 Students were absent from Condon elementary school in South Boston as the Norovirus, a highly contagious gastrointestinal disease, spreads throughout the students and facility.

Politics: Election 2014

Politics: Election 2014

Aiden Moriarty, Staff Reporter '15

November 18, 2014

This month's elections have changes the face of the legislative branch. The Republican Party picked up seven Senate seats throughout the country. On the other side, the Democrats have lost seven seats.

Scandal At UMass: Did The Campus Informant Program Take It Too Far?

Scandal At UMass: Did The Campus Informant Program Take It Too Far?

Sara Morin, Staff Reporter '17

November 7, 2014

In a tragic story, a student whom UMass campus police knew was involved with drugs recently overdosed.

Proposed Cumberland Farms Gas Station and Convenience Store in Holyoke

The corner of Pleasant and Hampden - the spot of the proposed Cumberland Farms.

Faizul Sibdhanny, Staff Reporter '16

November 5, 2014

The gas station proposed to be built at the intersection of Pleasant and Hampden has received a lot of attention from city officials and residents recently.

Holyoke Hit with Micro Damage; Easthampton takes Brunt of Microburst

Emergency responders close off Mountain Road due to the damage.

Melanie Kos, News Editor

October 10, 2014

On October 8, the Holyoke/Easthampton line was ravaged by a "microburst."

Upcoming Midterm Elections May Shake Up Congress

The Democrats and Republicans battle it out for political power.

Aiden Moriarty, Staff Reporter '15

October 7, 2014

Republicans may control House and Senate.

Westover Celebrates Its 75th Year!

Photo By: Ashley Morsen

Ashley Morsen, Editor in Chief

October 7, 2014

On Saturday, October 4, Westover Air Force Base celebrated its 75th anniversary with a bash on the base.

A New Threat In The Middle East

A New Threat In The Middle East

Dominique Evans, Staff Reporter '16

September 25, 2014

As the United States engages in new military action, a new threat looms...

A Fitting Tribute

The legendary Joan Rivers

Hanna Smith, Staff Reporter '17

September 24, 2014

Hanna Smith looks at how Joan Rivers' memorable funeral reflects how she lived her life.

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